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You missed an opportunity to call it 6MillionShekelSupreme.

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>Literally forgetting the 6 million


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What's up? Thanks for making this.

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wait so VirginianFarmer isnt here?

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He is, but his account was not able to create the subverse due to the parameters set by Voat. I had a mature account and was asked to create this place. aVirginaianFarmer is a mod and our true leader. I'm helping out how I can as we get things straightened out.

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You should copy the CSS of the reddit 200acres for the Stylus extension and map it to this place. MDE did it and it works great.

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There's that. I feel like I missed some things though.

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did we advertise this on the subreddit? also what going on with the numbers sub are they ever gonna accept people


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Yeah, it was posted on the old site.

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the promised land!

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Glad to see this here. Pissed that the the discord was banned.

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riot.im is even better though. When we get that organized it'll look like discord.