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Apparently, the best music video of the 21st century was made in 2001. You can't top this. This is the best part of it. I can't stop watching, send help, submitted: 9/15/2015 2:49:30 AM, 149 points (+156|-7)

"MISANDRY" (2014), submitted: 8/3/2015 10:08:48 PM, 35 points (+35|-0)

Anon hates flying, submitted: 7/23/2015 11:18:49 PM, 21 points (+21|-0)

Anon is the real Batman, submitted: 7/16/2015 8:46:10 PM, 18 points (+18|-0)

I am a polymath, submitted: 7/31/2015 5:03:05 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

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Elmer Keith's ka-BOOM, submitted: 7/16/2015 9:22:42 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

The Duck Army, submitted: 9/27/2015 11:33:57 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Lenovo considers making an "old school" ThinkPad with original model keyboard and 16:10 screen, submitted: 6/26/2015 10:19:51 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

/u/intelfunny only ever posts links to, submitted: 10/20/2015 11:43:19 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

How a modern Tatra truck is built, submitted: 9/13/2015 4:17:38 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

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Pope Calls on World Youth to Rise Up Against Global Capitalism submitted by captainplanet2 to news

zippo 8 points 67 points (+75|-8) ago

It's just marketing. There's a really strong anti-capitalist, pro-socialist sentiment right now, especially among younger people in the "West"... who coincidentally also tend to not to support the church in any way. He's simply pandering, nobody cares about facts anyway.

Off-duty NJ trooper opens fire on teens who mistakenly knocked on his door: Get off my f*cking property submitted by Qlanger to news

zippo 2 points 50 points (+52|-2) ago

See, kids, firearms only belong in the hands of trained, psychologically evaluated professionals! If anyone can have a gun, you could get randomly shot at by some nutjob!

Waaaaaaait a minute...

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Germany will take on 800,000 immigrants this year, is upset Britain doesn't want any more of them. submitted by Richard_Nixon to Worldnews

zippo 14 points -12 points (+2|-14) ago

Well, they eventually created you, so obviously some really faulty genes were in the pool. That, or some serious inbreeding was going on.

German Migrant Crisis: "Knife attack on local politician Henriette Reker and four members of CDU before election" - 10/17/15 - source: = moderate right submitted by process-oriented to news

zippo 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago

I find this fascinating.

Brown guy attacks someone; masses screech that brown people are bad, politicians caused this, Jews did this, and everyone demands that other brown people, who had nothing to to with it, apologize and publicly declare that "stabbing is bad, yo".

White guy attacks someone; the same people screech that brown people are bad, politicians caused this, Jews caused this... and that this was obviously only one crazy person not representative of the whole group. Which is, of course, correct, but that fucking doublethink.

deleted by user submitted by ShlomoShekelstein to news

zippo 24 points -11 points (+13|-24) ago

No idea about the chant, but based on my limited understanding of Polish the sign at the bottom says something like "let's stand in defense of Christian values" (or possibly "we stand in defense...").

Basically, a bunch of football fans (the absolute elite of any nation, as we all know) who have likely never seen a Muslim in their entire lives (Poland received roughly five and a half refugees so far) read some totally unbiased news on the Polish equivalent of Breitbart about how mozlems are invading Europe, and they're really pissed that some brown people might at some point show up and get the welfare they've been collecting so far.