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Ohio student is charged with sending homophobic threats to herself, faces a potential 18 months in Prison | Daily Mail submitted by NorBdelta to news

x13 2 points 45 points (+47|-2) ago

95% of the time it is a HATE HOAX!

About 30% of the solved cases that made big news coverage are here in this incomplete online database :

Its true. For cases involving an arrest, the person caught or arrested for so-called "hate speech" is ALWAYS a Negro, Jew, Muslim, Gay or Lesbian. Almost ALWAYS. Remember, this is for solved investigations. 95%.

The number skyrockets to over 97% if the crime is an attack on a Synagogue , Islamic Mosque, or Black Church.

In 2018, when the FBI is involved in desecrated Synagogues , Islamic Mosques, or Black Churches. the FBI primarily focuses on finding the hoaxing Jew, mainly because the FBI has to find the criminal.

How many Jews went to jail for 15 or 10, or 5 or even 1 years for vandalizing Synagogues with hate speech terror? : how many? :NONE, they are all just "confused young jewish men". They are just to be pitied for being confused.

Meanwhile the local TV News NEVER EVER EVER shows the muslim, Jew, or lesbian hate hoaxer weeks later when arrested. NEVER ON TV.

This hate hoaxer will not go to jail on a hate crime charge GUARANTEED!

Astounding historic Socialist DEFEAT ! Canada DUMPS SOCIALISM in Quebec! Live Election results with 97.7% of count in at 3:51 AM EST, center-Right CAQ party won 74 seats, and LIBERALS only 32! Shock! submitted by x13 to news

x13 3 points 40 points (+43|-3) ago

This poll result was UNEXPECTED!

When telephone pollsters cold-called voters and asked if they were "going to vote Liberal Party or the evil Nazi party" for some reason the pollsters were CONVINCED the liberals would win Quebec based on their polling.

How odd!

There are probably MANY reasons the socialists were all tossed out: muslim invaders, economy, gas taxes, etc, but the one I think stings the most is that in socialist canada food costs so much more than in the free market capitalist USA.

Canadians have access to telephones and when they learn midwest USA citizens can buy eggs sometimes for merely USD $0.79 cents at big box stores in midwest (Wal-mart, Meijers, etc) [midwest has no price controls] and then see their eggs costing CAD $3.85 in Montreal, the Canadians start to get enraged at the price of socialism, get red-pilled, and lose their shit.

Socialism was starving Canadian children.

12 canadian eggs, large in Montreal is C$3.85 vs USD $0.79 !

USD 0.79 cents vs CAD $3.85!

The new trade treaty on Appendix C page 12 opens up only 1.3 percent (basically one percent) of canadian egg market for 10 years to usa's Half Price eggs, but I doubt that will help feed enough canadian children.

Guy who kicked pro life woman was found submitted by thatcoolmartian to whatever

x13 2 points 38 points (+40|-2) ago

JORDAN HUNT, of Toronto

Thanks! awesome,

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Republicans push through vote for Kavanaugh while Democrats MELT DOWN! 'The sweet taste of Liberal Tears' submitted by Kavwind to news

x13 25 points -25 points (+0|-25) ago

0 CCP shill ShareBlue, you are

Yeah it should have a purple haired tranny, A Congolese illegal alien, two fat black dykes, 2 old jew ladies, a Guatemalan midget, and a drooling hockey helmet wearing Retard in a wheelchair.


Actually, I feel most comfortable when a group of men look like a team that might have won a Nobel Prize in physics, not a socialist Bernie supporter rally.

These politicians look like they could have wona Nobel Prize in Physics to me, so thats is who makes me comfortable.

Its Putt's patented Nigger-Faggot energy shield that protects us. submitted by Javik2186 to whatever

x13 16 points -13 points (+3|-16) ago

Every old goat seems to want to censor by downvoting instead of debating on merit.

No one believes in free speech and debate?

Q followers are not majority Nigger-Faggots, love unfettered real free speech and open discussion, and in fact help voat survive economically and expanded it dramatically. Maybe even reddit's The_Donald people can join voat one day when they are soon banned about 3 days before the mid term election.

Creepy Survey Asks 5th-graders About their Sex Lives submitted by Mustard_Monkey to news

x13 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Its called HEALTH CLASS in 5th grade public school and it is for just one quarter of a year, and girls and boys are divided.