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Hillary Clinton Was Warned Not to Blame Benghazi on Video, submitted: 11/1/2015 9:13:35 AM, 19 points (+28|-9)

Clinton: I did not send or get classified emails on private account, submitted: 7/26/2015 7:59:18 AM, 18 points (+18|-0)

Have friends who think Trump is racist? Share this article with them., submitted: 11/17/2016 3:00:38 PM, 14 points (+14|-0)

New York Times endorses Hillary Clinton - POLITICO (Or so much for objectivity in the press), submitted: 9/24/2016 5:09:13 PM, 7 points (+7|-0)

Hello from a (potentially former) r/starcitizen lurker, submitted: 7/11/2015 1:06:32 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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Geeks Who Drink, submitted: 8/8/2015 6:07:34 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Geeks Who Drink, submitted: 8/8/2015 7:21:45 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Rumble in the pub?, submitted: 9/4/2015 6:26:10 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

geeks who drink join the revolution, wiseass, submitted: 9/8/2015 12:23:37 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Clinton to propose U.S. campaign finance overhaul, submitted: 9/8/2015 11:09:33 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

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Oh the irony! submitted by ComedicGoat to funny

wylan 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

From the breadbasket of Africa to ruin! How this leader did it will shock you!

"@Politics_Reddit: That feminist who called out Trump last night? She's a Jeb intern. Jeb always gets caught, sad! submitted by codyave to politics

wylan 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

Hehe, she deleted her twitter... sucks being found out that you're a plant I guess.

Ha-ha | Israel Rejects Cease-fire Deal Between U.S. And Russia In South Syria submitted by MrPong to news

wylan 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

Israel doesn't like it? Must be a good agreement then.

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Sen. Rand Paul: Hillary should be locked up submitted by Luke_Luck to politics

wylan 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

He is just another establishment crony these days

Chubby means 400lbs now submitted by Fatkini to fatpeoplehate

wylan 4 points -4 points (+0|-4) ago

I'm a 215 pounds, 5'11" male, and I consider myself chubby. I am losing the extra weight slowly but surely though.

Genetically engineered mushroom (along with apple and potato) that no longer changes color when rotting can now be sold in the US without any unique labeling or regulations. Buyer beware. submitted by rwbj to technology

wylan 11 points -3 points (+8|-11) ago

Sounds kind of like a shill. Not saying you are, but you definitely sound like one.