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BREAKING: Syria Declares End to 41 Year Ceasefire with Israel - Fires Rockets into Northern Israel - The Gateway Pundit, submitted: 8/21/2015 4:58:58 AM, 116 points (+149|-33)

These men's rights activists are using a 1950s law to shut down women in tech, submitted: 9/16/2015 1:10:33 AM, 19 points (+40|-21)

Plasma Rocket Technology Receives NASA Funding Boost, submitted: 8/25/2015 1:28:38 AM, 18 points (+18|-0)

Huge Explosions at US Army base near Tokyo, Japan, submitted: 8/24/2015 1:15:01 AM, 17 points (+18|-1)

Trump offers job to woman at DC news conference, submitted: 3/21/2016 9:49:50 PM, 17 points (+19|-2)

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From Gamergate to Cecil the lion: internet mob justice is out of control, submitted: 8/2/2015 11:31:52 PM, -2 points (+5|-7)

MSNBC poll "should the gop rally behind donald trump", submitted: 3/2/2016 7:14:50 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

out of market, submitted: 5/5/2016 3:33:18 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

The Coming Liberal Disaster at the Supreme Court - The New Yorker, submitted: 9/2/2015 9:36:43 PM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Transgender Woman Says She Was Delayed by TSA for Anatomical 'Anomaly', submitted: 9/22/2015 5:42:18 AM, 2 points (+3|-1)

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Twitter shadowbanned a Donald Trump tweet submitted by gota_party to news

wtffuxor 0 points 91 points (+91|-0) ago

and this is how you get trump elected

How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps submitted by beren to news

wtffuxor 2 points 35 points (+37|-2) ago

they can pry my gun from my cold dead hand .. careful that barrel is going to be hot lol

American Dad keeps it real. submitted by sLnTsRvC to fatpeoplehate

wtffuxor 0 points 35 points (+35|-0) ago


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Israel Lobby in USA to Fight to Unseat Any Democrat that Votes For Iranian Deal submitted by explorevoat to news

wtffuxor 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

iran has been very hostile to it neighbors and also funds most of the trouble makers in that region. the biggest concern is this igniting a region nuclear arms race. saudi arabia has already stated they will match iran in terms of capability. many of those nations including iran have continued to call for isreals destruction. none of those nations are anywhere close to isreals conventional military in terms of skill or equipment. that changes with nukes.

BREAKING: Syria Declares End to 41 Year Ceasefire with Israel - Fires Rockets into Northern Israel - The Gateway Pundit submitted by wtffuxor to news

wtffuxor 6 points -1 points (+5|-6) ago

so assad is taking a gamble that getting israel involved would bring about a quicker end of the war? i just dont see what assad would get in that scenario to make it worth it for him.

Im a pedophile, youre the monsters. Salon doubles down on Pedophile Defense submitted by DiamondMask to news

wtffuxor 3 points -1 points (+2|-3) ago

because animal fucking is already legal smdh