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The girl from Yale protest complaining about oppression lives in a $760,000 home. , submitted: 11/11/2015 7:27:27 PM, 245 points (+249|-4)

The investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email is being run out of FBI headquarters and that's unusual, submitted: 8/17/2015 6:44:22 PM, 94 points (+98|-4)

Hillary Clinton turns in 'blank' email server to investigators, submitted: 8/14/2015 1:11:54 AM, 37 points (+39|-2)

Winona Ryder confirms a 'Beetlejuice' sequel is happening, submitted: 8/12/2015 3:05:39 AM, 27 points (+27|-0)

What Mizzou & Yale students need to learn about free speech, submitted: 11/12/2015 8:19:01 PM, 26 points (+27|-1)

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Picture of Chris Hemsworth in Ghostbusters uniform from the set of the new movie, submitted: 8/19/2015 12:08:00 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Science Isnt Broken , submitted: 8/20/2015 12:05:24 AM, 1 points (+3|-2)

Famous Harvard professor rips into 'tyrannical' student protesters, saying they want 'superficial diversity', submitted: 11/18/2015 7:13:29 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Quaker O's cereal is like Cap'n Crunch for adults., submitted: 8/7/2015 12:27:54 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Can more than one person have the same handle on Hearthstone? If not, check out who I played against!!, submitted: 8/9/2015 6:50:14 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

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Controversial hate subreddit coontown has been banned. submitted by trumpcard to MeanwhileOnReddit

warpdesign 0 points 207 points (+207|-0) ago

For violating Reddit's Content Policy... which apparently for the largest site on the internet didn't exist for about 5+ years. LOL.

We want to ban you. I haven't broken any rules! Hold on, let us write one real quick. There, now you're in violation.

FBI seize Hillary's emails after finding she had two messages classified as 'above top secret' on her private server submitted by TerriChris to news

warpdesign 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago

Don't worry guys, she had a thumb drive. It's cool. Our national secrets were in a 16 Gig thumb drive she kept in her pocket. It went through the wash one time but nothing bad happened.




Obama signs Executive Order to have world's first Exascale supercomputer by 2025 submitted by chevy_ to technology

warpdesign 1 points 78 points (+79|-1) ago

An exaflop. They're going to need that level of computing power if they hope to continue monitoring all of our communications!

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Has @SHE used their Mod role to remove posts that they don't agree with? submitted by swingvoater to AskVoat

warpdesign 10 points -5 points (+5|-10) ago

This is craziness. Have we all really descended into the same SRS/SJW witch-hunt tactics that you are searching users' past comment history to "out" people for their opinions? Are we just now being trolled by SJWs pretending to be anti-SJW by doing the same shitlording in the opposite way to try and somehow show we are the same but opposite? Come on Voat, we're better than this. Spend your energies on finding, creating, promoting good content and make this website awesome.

deleted by user submitted by she to AskVoat

warpdesign 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago

Sorry to see the community here downvoat this to oblivion. All of the outing, doxing, brigading, harassing of individuals, mob mentality, etc. is one reason I left Reddit for here. People don't like this mod, fine. But it's turned into a damned witch hunt. Why are people still obsessing over this shit. Focus on creating cool and original content, not this horseshit people! People just want to enjoy voat. This person has made an honest effort here. And in my opinion all she was guilty of was enforcing a rule, which while pedantic, was a rule nonetheless. And not one particularly hard to follow.

How to Create a Gun-Free America in 5 Easy Steps submitted by beren to news

warpdesign 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

It's funny because the only people talking about a gun free America are the Right. Yet more conspiracy theory nonsense - they're try'n a take our guns!! Gimme a break.