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Americans Need Constitutionally-Compliant Social Media, submitted: 9/12/2018 11:48:58 AM, 102 points (+103|-1)

Horrible Facebook Algorithm Accident Results In Exposure To New Ideas, submitted: 12/21/2016 4:55:37 AM, 97 points (+98|-1)

City of Seattle uses $150k in tax payer money to settle former Mayor, Ed Murray, sexual abuse (molestation) lawsuit, submitted: 12/31/2017 3:20:28 AM, 93 points (+95|-2)

Jacksonville Shooter Was Member of Anti-Trump Resistance Referred to Trump Supporters at Trumptards, submitted: 8/27/2018 4:53:46 AM, 83 points (+84|-1)

Keep shill and bot-free!, submitted: 11/28/2016 6:41:50 AM, 37 points (+39|-2)

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Question - Investing in Commodoties, submitted: 10/16/2016 9:57:42 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Coinbase alternatives?, submitted: 5/22/2017 7:47:53 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Cell phone VPN options?, submitted: 10/5/2018 5:07:50 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Is ProtonMail any good?, submitted: 9/2/2018 9:45:47 PM, 3 points (+5|-2)

Rogue / @kill_rogue (twitter) / Rogue Q3VI (youtube), submitted: 4/2/2018 4:40:20 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Obama lied about not knowing Hillary had a private server, emailed her 18 times submitted by Ziekk to politics

Wahwahweewah 3 points 87 points (+90|-3) ago

The Whitehouse doesn't want Hillary indicted because she'll be able to take them all down with her.

How can it be that Voat is pro-privacy and pro-Trump? submitted by Macuilxochitl to AskVoat

Wahwahweewah 2 points 53 points (+55|-2) ago

I feel that most people who are pro-Trump are very anti-immigration, and they hold that above being pro-privacy at this time.

Rutgers Students Hold Group Therapy Session After Milo Yiannopoulos Visit - Breitbart submitted by gramman74 to news

Wahwahweewah 0 points 40 points (+40|-0) ago

I wonder if those students will ever realize how absolutely pathetic they look to the real world

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Zionist Group Awards Trump its Highest Honor: 'No President Has Done More' to Promote Zionism submitted by twistedmac11 to Conspiracy

Wahwahweewah 5 points -2 points (+3|-5) ago

Maybe it's just our best option? You know, better than Muslim invasion and nuclear war.

If you ain't 1488 you ain't shit. submitted by TexasVet to politics

Wahwahweewah 4 points -2 points (+2|-4) ago

Fuck that authoritarian bull shit

Trump just appointed The Deepest Of "The Deep State" to head The CIA. She personally ordered the destruction of CIA's torture tapes... and gets promoted. submitted by KosherHiveKicker to politics

Wahwahweewah 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

I have concerns, too, but "deepest of the deep state" is dramatic and wrong