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Archimedes was WRONG, submitted: 2/7/2018 5:15:50 PM, -12 points (+2|-14)

Post Hitler's own words here. Prove to the world why they should become fans of this mass murderer., submitted: 4/27/2018 9:01:53 PM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Adios amigos!, submitted: 4/29/2018 4:37:06 AM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Archimedes was WRONG, submitted: 2/8/2018 12:22:01 AM, -6 points (+1|-7)

Proof that "circles" are really triangles, submitted: 3/9/2018 7:58:17 PM, -6 points (+1|-7)

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RED ALERT!! All Hands on Deck, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!!!!! The House Will Vote on Tuesday To Shut Down Sites Like Voat!! submitted by bdmthrfkr to whatever

voltronsdicks 5 points 77 points (+82|-5) ago

Why are we always scurrying around and playing whack-a-mole every time a new bill comes up instead of taking proactive steps to fight censorship? We already know that Libtards practice selective enforcement of laws anyway so what's the point of trying to hide behind laws designed to serve their masters and not the people?

We shouldn't be going after the bills. We should be focusing on the dangerous leaders who believe that censorship is the answer to the fucked-up Society they've created.

And really our first line of defense should be contacting Trump and getting HIM to focus on this issue because it's his supporters who are being censored. I suspect he doesn't understand the gravity of the implications of all the censorship because the current censorship practices are working. This issue has hardly even been brought up during the election. And it's barely being talked about right now.

The Netherlands: Man refuses to take off pig hat, gets arrested for being offensive to Muslims submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to videos

voltronsdicks 1 points 76 points (+77|-1) ago

Maybe you haven't heard. We're not exactly free.

We're living in a society where a man gets arrested for wearing a piece of clothing.

We're living in a society where fictional cartoon characters are deemed illegal on reddit.

We're living in a society where all major social media outlets are controlled by feminist liberal cucks.

We're living in a society where CNN is the enemy of the people.

We're living in a society where careers and lives are destroyed by mere accusations from women.

We're living in a society that claims there are over 200 genders.

We're living in a society that believes women are just as competent as men (even though the women's olympic soccer team just got beat by middle school boys).

We're living in a society where you're supposed to be ashamed of being white.

We're living in a society where the Clinton Criminal Cartel is protected by virtue of gender.

We're living in a society where all criticism of Socialism/Marxism is deemed "hate speech" and criticism of black crime is deemed "racism".

We're a long fucking way from Kansas.

Why does replacing food stamps with food so anger liberals? submitted by sand_mann to politics

voltronsdicks 2 points 49 points (+51|-2) ago

Liberals are under the delusion that they deserve other people's money. Welcome to the backbone of Socialism/Marxism.

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Iceland got it's first rabbi exactly two days ago. Now the central jewish council is demanding that Iceland will not follow through with a ban of infant male circumcision. submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to news

voltronsdicks 54 points -50 points (+4|-54) ago


We've already had the discussion with these crazy faggots about their obsession with other men's cocks.

American and British Reporters Reach Douma, Syria: Discover There Was NO Chemical Weapons Attack submitted by bdmthrfkr to news

voltronsdicks 40 points -36 points (+4|-40) ago

This story would have more credibility if the tards posting the non-stop "Jews are the reason my penis shrunk" stories weren't 90% of the front page posts. It seems these morons don't quite grasp the point of The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Yes, we get it. Jewish culture is evil. So is nigger culture. So is white trash culture. But when you OBSESS over the Jewish race as if they are somehow more inherently evil than any other race, you become a parody of objective thinking.

Moral of the story: you won't be believed the one time you're telling the truth if the other 99% of your day is spent lying through your teeth.

I will not tolerate any sexual comments. submitted by ExpertShitposter to whatever

voltronsdicks 48 points -32 points (+16|-48) ago

Women have very little trouble justifying their ridiculous double standards. That's why feminists have no problems claiming to be equal while accepting all kinds of favors and privileges from the government. A childish mind is the backbone of hypocrisy.