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Account Deleted By User submitted by adsnell2004 to concealcarry

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Long before Glock was a house hold name, I owned a Delta Gold Cup 10mm. When the composite craze came around I purchased the Glock Model 23, then followed by an HK40 USP. The HK is 10x the gun the Colt is and the Glock is shit. Why people like Glocks is beyond me, they are total shit no matter the caliber. I would take any 1911 before a Glock. The Para-Ordence made a great 45, the gold cup was a great 10mm, my Sig 40 has been great fire arm. None beat the Heckler & Koch USP40..... Hope that helped

Dominoe's is a fucking joke. Their pizza tastes like cheap ketchup with melted smegma on cardboard. submitted by Grifter42 to funny

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Don't forget the rabbit turds, oh I mean the sausage...

systemd (and Linux) submitted by Voater_from_Austria to ELI5

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To not use Linux because of systemd, is liken not driving a car because of Goodyear in stead of Michelin tires.... My advice is to boot Mint from a live disk or thumb drive. You don't have to install it to run it. Yes Linux is amazing!

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Descending stairs the cool way submitted by IAmNotGod to gifs

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Hold my beer!

What are black people good at? submitted by Poinifie to AskVoat

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Throwing boiling water on each other!