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What was the last thing you realized you were flat wrong about something? submitted by youno to AskVoat

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Buddhist monks are all old pacifists, so at peace with themselves and the world that they won't even sit on a blade of grass if they think it'll hurt the grass' feelings. But the idea of Buddhists as a bunch of non-violent non-offenders is a tad wrong: there is a very distinct difference between non-violence and total pacifism, and the Buddha's teachings don't really bother with the latter.

The first of the Buddhist teachings is "Avoid killing, or harming any living thing," the imperative word being "avoid." Although there are Buddhists who embrace pacifism, the idea of complete non-violence is a wistful projection by Westerners.

Buddhism doesn't allow lashing out in anger, and requires exhausting all options for negotiation before doing so, but if they think no other options are available, a Buddhist can and absolutely will kick your ass.

Just so that everybody knows, each upvote on this one means that I make some money. That's the kind of business that I roll with. submitted by transplo to business

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Yes. To be honest, I was expecting this question. How do we make it happen? What are the advantages of the position?

Account Deleted By User submitted by dubbelnougat to technology

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Now what will happen with the push requests, that's what I want to see!

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Swimming between tectonic plates near Iceland submitted by PlasmaDistortion to pics

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Toddler Shot During Midnight Fireworks Party On Detroit's East Side submitted by duannguyen to news

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You can't read about anything else than aggression on /v/news. World sucks.

Alcohol is a direct cause of seven forms of cancer, finds study submitted by Mixplate to science

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That's just how I roll. Wisdom.