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The CLOUD Act would let cops get our data directly from big tech companies like Facebook without needing a warrant. Congress just snuck it into the must-pass omnibus package. submitted by Kannibal to technology

timoshenko 1 points 72 points (+73|-1) ago

Correction. The Cloud Act would legalize what the police are already doing.

You're a fool if you think the tech companies don't already give the police or any other government entity exactly what they want.

Canada man legally changes sex for cheaper car insurance: 'I am now a woman... I now pay $1100 less for auto-insurance. I won. The end,' submitted by HulkInformation to news

timoshenko 1 points 45 points (+46|-1) ago

I am woman. Hear me roar. With auto insurance too cheap to ignore.

Does anyone else feel like sometimes they dont belong here? submitted by mralexson to AskVoat

timoshenko 2 points 43 points (+45|-2) ago

This is exactly where you need to be, mixing it up with pussies like @Mumbleberry and telling them to fuck off and getting rid of your thin skin.

Of course you belong.

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Why are white people the ONLY tribe on earth that isn't allowed to live solely amongst it's own kind without being called racist? submitted by obvious-throwaway- to whatever

timoshenko 13 points -11 points (+2|-13) ago

Look to me like yall doing just what the jews tell yall. funny yall cry about the jews, then you turn around and get all cocky and say yall the biggest danger to the jew.

Which is it white boy? Can you make up your weak mind?

Account Deleted By User submitted by MrKequc to AskVoat

timoshenko 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

You'll never get it incel. Because the last time you saw a pussy was when you came out of one at birth.

And that was the final chance you'll have to observe one before you die

Why Are Most Voat Users Losers? submitted by timoshenko to whatever

timoshenko 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

Another loser. I doubt this one graduated from high school.