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Why "2nd Amendment Right" vs "Right of Self-Defense" matters submitted by tidy_athiest to politics

tidy_athiest 0 points 16 points (+16|-0) ago

Another point that should be made:

At the time of writing the Constitution, the "Bill of Rights" was debated as to whether to even have it.

Such was the thinking: these Human Rights are so common and well-understood that they don't even bear mentioning, [see 9th and 10th Amendment 'catch-alls']

The USA is so fortunate that some of the founders understood government depravity so well, that they actually forced these Amendments to be added.

Imagine a world right now where 200 years ago all of these Rights were well understood and were left out of the explicit list of Rights. People would be of the mindset that there are no Human Rights and that whatever the government gives is the only thing that exists.

If only more people understood this. A good example is the 3rd Amendment. One that is highly unusual to people today. Why is it even there?

Imagine getting a knock at 10pm and a soldier is outside demanding to come in and stay the night.... That really happened prior to the Revolutionary War. The writers of the Constitution were all too experienced with this notion, and it displeased them very much. So much, that they understood that it was a fundamental Human Right to decide who gets to enter a private residence, and so powerful was this thought that it became the 3rd Amendment.

The writers of the Constitution were well aware of how a government abuses power, and also well aware of what fundamental Human Rights were. And here today we have people determined to sabotage their lives because they think the government decides who gets to say or have what...

Very sad.

Fuck Newegg. Boycott these sellouts - Some Newegg customers are getting hit with tax bills for past purchases | PC Gamer submitted by voats4goats to technology

tidy_athiest 0 points 15 points (+15|-0) ago

I wonder if Newegg knows who paid the required amounts on the 1040 form. Maybe nobody did, but if an honest person actually made the claim, then Newegg wouldn't know and this would be a double tax and could rightfully be argued to be repaying the same tax.

I also wonder if the CT government would do due diligence to see if any names on the list previously paid. But, as with all cash-strapped municipalities, they probably won't mind collecting double on anything.

Lost in space reboot (((netflix))) cucks husband and family with random black daughter submitted by swolejusticewarrior to whatever

tidy_athiest 0 points 9 points (+9|-0) ago

And the science is just horrendous.

I don't know who writes for these type of shows, but they have obviously never been in diverse climates. Need more diversity of climate experiences I'd say.

I'll just throw my first nit out there - ice. Ship lands in a supposed lake of water, which had presumably melted before the ship arrived there. Ship sinks to the bottom, and they have a window of time to retrieve items to survive. Up to this point, everything seems believable with some assumptions.

Then they "dive" right in to the 'going to freeze' disaster. And the entire lake starts to freeze *from the bottom up!! Nobody outside of Southern California believes that. Ice floats, to start with, and water has a quite large specific heat capacity, and ice has a pretty good thermal insulation factor.

The temperature required to freeze the entire lake in the few minutes from however not so deep the girl started from would completely freeze the people on the ice in mere seconds.

Little bit of a tangent here - the movie 'Snowman' has the same problem. In order for snow to stick together into a snowball/snowpack/snowman, the temperature has to be at least 0C. At 0C the roads would start to melt and be quite messy. Very hard to immerse oneself into a movie when simple facts are not followed.

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Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat submitted by gramman74 to news

tidy_athiest 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I'd say that paint is the same as printing, where it is a matter of combining pigments that absorb colors. I remember a few years ago in primary school where the instructor had a color wheel and spun it on a motor - all of the colors added to get white. That was color addition.

How to make colors for painting/printing/etc isn't the same as having color scattered and received by the observer as the "seen" color. The physics definition of white is all colors (and yes, in equal amounts- "white noise", etc), and black is the absence of color - hence why space is very close to black to the observer.

Getting back to my first comment, it was meant to be a humourous quip to the comment that white was also a color - to which I implied that it should be included foremost, because it is "all" colors, whereas the theme of the retreat was to also prominently include black - which could be argued isn't a color at all.

Columbia University to host no-whites-allowed student leadership retreat submitted by gramman74 to news

tidy_athiest 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Color is an inherently confusing concept. By definition what we perceive as color is the reflected or scattered light from an object, so a green leaf absorbs every color but green, which is why the eye sees green.

The color the eye sees is the addition of all the colors reflected from an object. The color wheel works when the spinning gets higher than the eye "FPS" and all the reflected colors add together in RGB mode, so when fast enough, it looks white.

Pigments by nature absorb light. Red pigment absorbs all but red light, making it subtractive. Blue pigment absorbs all but blue light. Mixing red and blue would result in all colors being absorbed, making it look black.

You are correct in that if we were to step behind the reflective layer - the back of the mirror - white would be devoid of color, and black would have all the colors partying inside.

Trump donated to state attorneys general reviewing his business submitted by Terrorist to politics

tidy_athiest 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

HAHAHA, oh this is rich.

So Trump donates 140k over 13 years, and gets an article about it, yet Hillary gets MILLIONS for documented Pay to Play and the media is silent....

something is truly rotten in politics and media.