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LLCoolJ with 5 million followers is summoning Eminem to help & tweeting #missingdcgirls . Let's blow up his feed with #pedogate! submitted by EQJ to pizzagate

threadpuller 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

Unfortunately, when these freshly red-pilled people do come here, they'll be greeted by a sticky that's an in-fighting clusterf*ck about a protest that people have obviously already made their minds up about - since it starts in 12 hours.

I wonder why the mods haven't chosen to sticky the "Fully Sourced Executive Summary of Pizzagate Evidence" ( instead. That post is a community effort to put all of the evidence together in an easily digestible format, and it should absolutely be on the front page right now.

What Have We Learned? submitted by threadpuller to PizzagateMemes

threadpuller 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

Hi, I'm noob. I'm open to feedback/criticism.

This one's intended to pique curiousity & appeal to people's sense of personal responsibility. Cites well-known case/phenomenon from past for credibility. Doesn't touch on any of the "conspiracy theory" aspects of PG, so it shouldn't scare away normies.

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