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THE IODINE PILL, submitted: 6/14/2018 11:17:58 PM, 159 points (+167|-8)

On compassion and empathy, submitted: 6/1/2018 7:25:23 PM, 89 points (+93|-4)

How to de-jew yourself in 7 days, submitted: 7/12/2018 11:50:27 PM, 77 points (+79|-2)

Brain Teasers, submitted: 7/13/2018 9:57:46 PM, 65 points (+81|-16)

"Turn the other cheek, goy!", submitted: 6/23/2018 4:12:32 PM, 46 points (+90|-44)

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Christcucks get bullied by kikes, submitted: 7/5/2018 11:48:26 PM, -3 points (+1|-4)

Raw Meat & Milk: Amazing Health Benefits - Allergies, Eczema + Autism Explained, submitted: 7/6/2018 3:47:24 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

You Are Everything (Don't Be Fooled by Religions) - sv3rige, submitted: 7/12/2018 11:07:40 PM, 0 points (+2|-2)

Elon Reeve Musk, submitted: 7/19/2018 4:15:05 AM, 1 points (+4|-3)

Rush - 2112: Overture / The (((Temples of Syrinx))), submitted: 2/4/2018 12:43:55 AM, 1 points (+6|-5)

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Anon makes a glorious mistake submitted by Broc_Lia to funny

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Q: Why are there no black people in The Flintstones? A: Because they were still monkeys then

Reddit in a Nutshell submitted by Russianbots to whatever

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Meanwhile, back on the_donald...

Ready for a good laugh? submitted by Vvswiftvv17 to funny

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Apparently they are asking teachers to look for signs of "ALT-right" influence and report students at "risk". Seems like a small victory. (((They))) must feel threatened. submitted by Octopus_Prime to whatever

talmoridor-x 8 points -8 points (+0|-8) ago

Yet in the long run, they will grow up, chase the dollar, and neglect their health, working for the machine they think they're actually fighting against. Beliefs don't mean shit.

Trump: 'Where is the DNC Server and why didn't the FBI take possession of it? DEEP STATE? ' O_O submitted by Oh_Well_ian to GreatAwakening

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Which season of this show are we on, again?

Dennis Rodman wearing MAGA hat on CNN submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to pics

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monkey, amirite???????????

MAGA #triggered #israelfirst