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Blackstar - Sound Clash Dub (1995), submitted: 9/11/2015 6:20:38 AM, 6 points (+6|-0)

Baraka - I'll Be There, submitted: 8/12/2015 2:06:30 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Hidden Agenda - Pressin' On (1995), submitted: 8/13/2015 8:17:33 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Hrvatski - Vatstep Dsp (2002), submitted: 8/22/2015 12:41:03 PM, 4 points (+4|-0)

Bassline Generation - Music (1995), submitted: 8/18/2015 12:22:38 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Special Request Remix), submitted: 8/13/2015 8:07:21 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

pretty neat, submitted: 8/15/2015 10:58:35 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Aladdin - We Enter (Deep Forest Dub) (1996), submitted: 8/22/2015 12:49:45 PM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Bassline Generation - Music (1995), submitted: 8/18/2015 12:22:38 PM, 3 points (+3|-0)

DJ Krust - Burning (1994), submitted: 8/20/2015 10:07:25 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

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Jerry Brown Bans the Word 'Alien' from California Labor Law submitted by toobaditworks to news

step 0 points 11 points (+11|-0) ago

Another step taken upon the euphemism treadmill.

deleted by user submitted by deleted to technology

step 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

I want to enjoy parts of Windows 10, but this is absolutely ridiculous. Microsoft is pulling some seriously crafty shit if I have to do something like this to ensure my privacy.

Google forgot to google Alphabet before creating their new holding: Alphabet is a BMW trademark and website. submitted by International_Local to news

step 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago

I suspect that when you're as big as Google, things like this are just minor details to work out.

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Just Jungle - Very Last Drop submitted by RR5td5 to jungle

step 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Wow. What a tune.

Look what made it to DeviantArts frontpage submitted by ArsCortica to KotakuInAction

step 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Some people love to put other people into boxes, and give those boxes labels. Why not judge someone on the merit of their actions.

Ad blocking has grown 41% in the past year and it's costing publishers tens of billions of dollars submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to technology

step 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

I can sympathize, but that doesn't mean I will disable ad blocking out of pity. If there are websites that I truly want to support, then I will allow ads if they are unobtrusive. Since money is involved (it's a great motivator), I have no doubt they will find alternative revenue streams.