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Oh God, it finally happened. A gender dysphoric got hired at work. submitted by Mayhawk to whatever

sroyracha 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

I pray that the Lord grants you guidance, direction, wisdom and opportunity in finding another career path and may you be prosperous in it so you can support yourself, your family, and your people (goats). Amen.

Migrant to Germany: We Grab Your Women, You Cant Do Anything submitted by Maddmartigan to videos

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I like to use this method when trying to get someone to understand the seriousness of a situation. Some people just don't get it until it directly affects them / the threat is immediate. Gun debates for example, when explaining how all violent crime would go up with a gun ban, they'll always find some way to dismiss the argument but then I explain from a criminal's point of view and tell them what I would do to them and how the scenario would play out. They still may not acknowledge the argument but I can see a change and that the point got across to them.

Everyone I've ever met raised in a single mother house hold has been mentally messed up in some severe manner. submitted by truthwoke33 to whatever

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Guidance and direction from a strong male influence during the teenage years is crucial.

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Anti-NFL talk reminded me of a book, you'll never watch most Pro Sports again after reading (Except MMA maybe, that's ok) - "The Fix Is In" by Brian Tuohy (free download link in comments) submitted by modsrcuntz to politics

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It's suspicious when fighters don't follow the obvious strategy. Stipe avoids Ngannou's strengths by staying mobile and countering but next fight decides to clinch and dirty box with Cormier which is Comier's strengths. Doesn't make any sense.

Aero Precision M4E1 Stripped Lower Receiver - Anodized Black - $61.99 with code 18OFFM4E1 - Free Shipping submitted by sroyracha to Gundeals

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Comparing the standard forged pattern to this one, this feels more solid. Has an integrated enlarged trigger guard so you save some money there. Reach to the trigger is more comfortable with the tapered sides. Also, Aero's standard lowers already had a good magwell but it is improved even more on this one. At this price, I would recommend this version unless you aesthetically prefer the standard look.

NIKE: For men who love to get on their knees. submitted by HomerChimpson to whatever

sroyracha 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

How noninclusive, what about women and gender nonbinary who love to get on their knees?