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BREAKING! Gunman in Comet Pizza!, submitted: 12/4/2016 9:41:41 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Mysterious Manhattan Military Flyover Was Trump Rescue Exercise - Seems fishy to me, submitted: 12/21/2016 8:26:34 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Important: Sign this petition!, submitted: 12/8/2016 7:40:12 PM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Please share what websites, web tools, or apps you guys use to research, submitted: 12/1/2016 8:00:03 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

GUNMAN ENTERED COMET PIZZA Post suppressed!, submitted: 12/4/2016 11:09:20 PM, 2 points (+3|-1)

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FBI New York Field Office Told To Continue Clinton Foundation Probe submitted by im_at_a_desk to pizzagate

srayzie 0 points 47 points (+47|-0) ago

Thank you Jesus! Now we know why they are working so hard to take the presidency from Trump! It goes a lot further than just politics.

He Knows. submitted by EarlPoncho to pizzagate

srayzie 0 points 31 points (+31|-0) ago

He's awesome. I love that he's not a politician. Him being rich himself makes him have no need to take money for special interests. No need for pay to play. We needed a big change and I'm confident he will bring it. He will be attacked and undermined by the democrats at every turn. George Soros is donating millions. I pray to God he's not executed before Election Day. He's got a YUGE job ahead. I hope he has the ability to stop the government from taking away alternative news.

Podesta: "fresh handmade tortillas flown in from Mexico" submitted by zzvoat to pizzagate

srayzie 0 points 24 points (+24|-0) ago

As well as "bring all children AVAILABLE". Not "kids are welcome".

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What do you think of Obama's vacation spot with Richard Branson near Epstein's Island? submitted by YourPizzaTrigger to pizzagate

srayzie 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

I do not like Obama. But it's so hard to picture Michelle being a bad person

David Seaman Exposed! Live right now...hurry and let me explain submitted by srayzie to pizzagate

srayzie 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Wtf. This is him. He says things the same way.

David Seaman Exposed! Live right now...hurry and let me explain submitted by srayzie to pizzagate

srayzie 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

He's trying to cuss and say "ok" a lot and change things. But listen, you will hear him! He's playing a part like he's mental! I am even more convinced the longer I listen