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Troll "report" from /pol/ now viral . MSM blatantly posting fake news, submitted: 1/11/2017 3:08:59 AM, 163 points (+167|-4)

If women had the same rights as guns!, submitted: 1/24/2017 5:29:43 AM, 140 points (+140|-0)

Anti-Assad Logic, submitted: 4/15/2018 9:35:55 AM, 117 points (+123|-6)

but we waz kangz!, submitted: 6/15/2018 8:11:27 AM, 95 points (+98|-3)

Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in Chinas re-education camps, former inmate claims, submitted: 9/12/2018 8:36:36 AM, 91 points (+91|-0)

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666 scp thanks lawdy voat for dis glorious moment, submitted: 2/22/2017 9:36:10 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

Ivanka Trump Influenced Her Fathers Decision to Bomb Syria, Presidents Son Eric Says, submitted: 6/28/2017 4:49:26 AM, -1 points (+2|-3)

German rap videos are way harder than that nog shit, submitted: 3/26/2018 5:20:09 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Something wrong with this picture..., submitted: 3/29/2018 9:22:50 AM, 0 points (+8|-8)

7yo kid homework assignment: Showing top secret CIA psychics drawings to New Yorkers, submitted: 2/15/2017 8:31:48 AM, 0 points (+1|-1)

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Colorado, California and Oregon Pioneer Efforts To Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms submitted by heuristic to science

slickleg64 2 points 42 points (+44|-2) ago

Mushrooms redpilled me and made me wake up and better myself. LSD helped me deal with my emotions and past trauma. Another thing that should be considered is MDMA which really helped relieve my anxiety.

Before you downvoat please consider the fact that some people arent strong minded. and substances can help people better themselves. Its sad however the things that work are made illegal with no further study, while shit like prozac and xanax are pushed into the masses creating a population of addicts for the sake of financing the big pharma cartel.

Being openly conservative is a radical act akin to coming out as gay in the 50's. submitted by Imightnotbetrolling to whatever

slickleg64 1 points 31 points (+32|-1) ago

Conservatives are a counter-culture , fags and other leftists are mainstream. Funny how over the course of 60 years things change. The left is eating itself so its only a matter of time before people revert back to conservative values, we just have to prevent as much damage as we can before that.

BOOM! New Pizzagate collaboration website just released. Anti-shill, anti-censorship, PRO JUSTICE! submitted by voatsucksreally to pizzagate

slickleg64 6 points 30 points (+36|-6) ago

Nice work. Was hoping a site like this would happen. Really helps keep things clear which will help with forwarding info to real time investigators.

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Rant to the pedophiles piling up on this site. submitted by slickleg64 to whatever

slickleg64 12 points -8 points (+4|-12) ago

Did i hurt your lil feelings?

Rant to the pedophiles piling up on this site. submitted by slickleg64 to whatever

slickleg64 8 points -5 points (+3|-8) ago

This is exactly what i try to say, there is a huge difference between discussing something than sharing incriminating information. But I've had people here say it shouldn't matter because "free speech dont be a communist liberal."

Rant to the pedophiles piling up on this site. submitted by slickleg64 to whatever

slickleg64 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

My god you are illiterate, You don't know what inciting means. So if somebody says "I want to fuck x child" , that is the same as sexualizing a child.




Obviously you dont, go back to wanking to loli you sick piece of shit. Hope you get castrated in prison.