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They used british intel to spy on trump., submitted: 1/20/2018 4:26:55 PM, 13 points (+13|-0)

What redpilled you or the thing that really pushed a button., submitted: 1/29/2018 10:57:09 PM, 8 points (+9|-1)

Remove voted on articles from view, submitted: 6/11/2018 9:20:53 PM, 7 points (+9|-2)

Age at this time, submitted: 2/9/2018 8:16:26 PM, 4 points (+6|-2)

PC bullshit thinking marketing, submitted: 5/6/2018 2:49:54 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

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cross country racing, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:01:53 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Comparisons, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:04:39 AM, -2 points (+1|-3)

Heritage facts, submitted: 1/30/2018 12:06:13 AM, -2 points (+2|-4)

Trevor Noah, submitted: 5/4/2018 10:08:31 PM, -2 points (+3|-5)

Have voted on articles from view., submitted: 6/11/2018 9:22:29 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

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Bike Lock Antifa Faggot Given Probation. Really guys, it's time to just nuke California submitted by bdmthrfkr to politics

shawnfromnh69 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

Or have someone walk up on the faggot with brass knuckles when he's alone and do what he did to that other guy but in spades to send out a message.

Facebook Flags Declaration of Independence Text as Hate Speech submitted by Ex-Redditor to technology

shawnfromnh69 0 points 60 points (+60|-0) ago

Then Mark Zuckerburg should give up his citizenship if they feel that way and sell off all his properties in the 50 states and then he won't have to worry about all that hate speech. Fucking traitor should be put in front of a firing squad.

'CA Better Hold On Tight': ICE Dir Promises Doubling of Officers After 'Sanctuary' Law Signed submitted by One-Way_Bus to politics

shawnfromnh69 2 points 21 points (+23|-2) ago

Screw California, raid all the Amazon distribution warehouses and get them for a few million in fines and then for bypassing labor laws on top of it. Put a huge dent in their public image "reputation" and then shut them down if you can, fuck amazon. Get California but don't forget to get the big corps hiring illegals and basically turning them into slave labor.

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Walmart boss earns 1,200 times as much as the companys median worker submitted by principle to WorldToday

shawnfromnh69 6 points -4 points (+2|-6) ago

There should be a law that if the CEO of a cooporation makes more than 5 million a year then only 30% of their employees can be scheduled for part time of less than 30 hrs a week with or without benefits. It's rediculous that many of the CEO's can attribute their pay by keeping payrolls low and expenses by schedueling workers to so little work thereby having welfare to pick up the difference. Sure if people don't want to work full time fine but only having parttime jobs advertised or just planned on is a big fuck you to the country, taxpayer, and their workers and not only Walmart by far is guilty of this. Hell fast food have been playing this game for decades and having to many fast food establishments hiring a ton of part time adults vs a slightly less amount of them hiring more full time and a few part time as in 10 or 20% of the total including the managers would be more suitable and better for towns so they are not supplementing workers pay for cheap profit greedy owners that could put more without benefits full time workers on the schedule.

Holy Fuck, POTUS is taking trolling his enemies to a new level. I LOVE MY PRESIDENT (no homo) submitted by bdmthrfkr to TheDonald

shawnfromnh69 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

I love that moron on twitter. President Trump has spent so many days golfing at a cost of 72 million dollars. Really, are they adding the cost of rooms and golf fees to a club he owns or are they pulling that figure out of their asses. Hell what about Obama's and wifes vacations costing over a $100 million at actually cost to the taxpayer and he took every cent they paid him unlike Trump and somehow made enough on the side for mansions and stuff worth millions after being president which is more than he made and he stole and took tons of money on the side but they never talk about that stuff.

Beyond time. Great article about time submitted by DirectPressure to science

shawnfromnh69 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I believe this is bullshit. If time passed more slowly near the ground than in the mountains we would have figured this out years ago. TIme is just our perception of events as they happen and after they happen and is not something out of star trek or some other hollywood bullshit.