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Transgender admits to poisoning conservatives. Deletes tweet after people start flipping out. submitted by shadow332 to politics

shadow332 0 points 89 points (+89|-0) ago

Here are the some of the reactions in case he decides to delete his account:

Also I don't know why they are even calling him "she". The picture clearly shows a dude in a fucking neck scarf.

He'll probably make a new account

The mentally ill faggot wants you to give him some money

And before some mentally-ill faggot comes in here and is like "but estradiol isn't dangerous". Neither is a bit of alcohol or my fucking semen but I still don't have a right to slip it in people's drinks without their consent. The effect of the pill is irrelevant. It's a direct attempt to poison retail food supplies. All the law states to make it an immediate felony is if it's an illegal or prescription drug. Whether it's true or not might not even matter either since the post could count as admission of guilt and confession. If you drank Starbucks at that store that day you could certainly get a settlement from them. This is a good opportunity for a patriotic burger to make some trouble.

This is incriminating. Even as a joke. This person can be sued so hard. As well as Starbucks.

UPDATE: He's already getting support from other mentally-ill fags and other leftists:

He's retweeting people calling him out for committing a crime. The absolute brazenness of that vile fuck

(((Clean your dick))) and stop asking questions, stupid goyim submitted by shadow332 to politics

shadow332 0 points 72 points (+72|-0) ago

TFW you've married and fucked a hook-nosed goblin

If somebody kills a Palestinian are all of those who criticized Palestinians responsible?

What about a Chinese person?

What about a nigger?

What about a white person? Are all of those who have ever criticized whites as a group responsible if a white person dies?

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Is that supposed to be an ankle? submitted by shadow332 to fatpeoplehate

shadow332 21 points -21 points (+0|-21) ago

I've never seen this before. Otherwise I wouldn't have posted it. Thanks for pointing that out that you have seen this before. Interesting.. Let me point out (again) that I have never seen this before. Isn't this a useful conversation?

Is that so hard, ladies? submitted by DietCokehead1 to fatpeoplehate

shadow332 19 points -15 points (+4|-19) ago

"incel" is a very feminist, problematic word. It's also racist, transphobic, homophobic and misandrist.

My buddy just sent me this pick from his business trip in Miami. Holy fuck, what a hellscape. submitted by shadow332 to whatever

shadow332 15 points -13 points (+2|-15) ago

Who would I shilling for? I'd love to hear.