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Voat will not censor you even if you are a fucking shill... Our inmune system will just downvoat you to oblivion... BUT, submitted: 3/31/2018 12:26:55 AM, 186 points (+199|-13)

I got engaged to a God believing woman, so happy right now., submitted: 3/18/2018 5:16:44 AM, 111 points (+129|-18)

I will move to a smaller house, submitted: 5/22/2018 6:48:07 PM, 103 points (+109|-6)

Did you know that.... the simple math doesn't add up. (Just a friendly reminder), submitted: 5/18/2018 6:35:16 PM, 90 points (+101|-11)

The situation is escalating, submitted: 6/29/2018 6:08:07 PM, 78 points (+89|-11)

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Christian-Zionists are the #1 traitors to our Race and our future submitted by AdelaisNjall to whatever

sguevar 3 points 26 points (+29|-3) ago

Anyone that calls himself a Christian and calls himself a Zionist is not a Christian.

True Christians are against Zionism because we oppose the Synagogue of Satan.

Begone with your falsehood you deceiving shill.

Fellow humans... submitted by Bill_Murrays_Sandals to funny

sguevar 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

I hate this dude... I truely hate his guts...

To all white folks here... I am Costa Rican. On behalf of all Costa Ricans with a rational and critical thinking, I apologize for this. We do not stand for this kind of shit. submitted by sguevar to whatever

sguevar 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

We do not condone this behavior at all and we even have a saying here in Costa Rica that states, that the most rascist people in the world are actually blacks.

I hate this victimhood shit.

Deeply distrurbed that the ignorant behavior of the north is coming down south (you know that I am talking about the SJW, LGBT agenda). Simply disgusting.

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So voat is now normalizing having sex with a robot? submitted by sguevar to whatever

sguevar 12 points -6 points (+6|-12) ago

Ah leftist chick, I have the chance to redpill her and if it doesn't work then I would dump her. As I HAVE DONE BEFORE because I do have a GOOD PAIR OF BALLS. Fucking faggot.

So voat is now normalizing having sex with a robot? submitted by sguevar to whatever

sguevar 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Then I simply ask:

Why is it that there a dolls already to simulate rape?

Do you think it will help the potential rapists or encourage their sexual appetite?

Lets take the example of the sodomites... every time we encouraged their sick ways and debouchery they wanted more. Now they pervert the core family values. Moral and social fiber of a society gone to hell.

Take a look to what happens to Japan, that most young men prefer to have a relationship with a digital doll or robot or whatever they can please themselves with but a real woman. Now they have a population that is getting older and not enough young people to support the old population.

Is simple logics.

So voat is now normalizing having sex with a robot? submitted by sguevar to whatever

sguevar 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

You get STD's because you don't take care of yourself and you don't have commited relationship.