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Disgusting swine at remembrance day ceremony., submitted: 11/10/2015 11:45:10 PM, 67 points (+67|-0)

Fatties aren't people., submitted: 1/4/2016 1:56:20 AM, 67 points (+68|-1)

Fatass thinks it knows how to take care of my dog., submitted: 11/29/2015 5:38:07 PM, 53 points (+54|-1)

On "cheat" days., submitted: 1/14/2016 11:50:43 PM, 48 points (+49|-1)

Hamplanets in the hallway., submitted: 1/22/2016 8:01:41 PM, 30 points (+30|-0)

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An FPH mod, @homersimpson is censoring me, submitted: 12/9/2016 1:09:16 AM, -9 points (+5|-14)

FPH Moderator Bans For Dissent, submitted: 8/14/2016 4:58:43 AM, -4 points (+22|-26)

Whoever engineered that table deserves a medal., submitted: 2/23/2016 6:07:29 PM, 12 points (+13|-1)

A couple deceptive fats off tinder tonight., submitted: 5/23/2017 4:35:14 AM, 16 points (+18|-2)

Butterballs in paintball make me furious., submitted: 11/2/2015 11:47:48 PM, 22 points (+22|-0)

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Obeast makes beta boyfriend write FA Essay after offending a fatty. Makes him fill "orgasm" quota & threatens to kill herself when he tries leaving. Essay Included, Comedy Gold. submitted by Speshul_Sn0wflake to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 0 points 112 points (+112|-0) ago

I don't normally like calling people beta or alpha but goddamm.... this is a fucking beta.

That first time you let a little FPH slip out at work submitted by petite-equestrian to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 0 points 105 points (+105|-0) ago

Fucking savage. It deserved nothing less.

I am not voting for The Donald. But this guy is a new hero. submitted by IWantToBelieve94 to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 6 points 83 points (+89|-6) ago


And trump is a fat.

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Mod team changes submitted by The_Penis_Wizard to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 19 points -17 points (+2|-19) ago

Make me homer's replacement

Butthurt fatty creates most obnoxious video ever after being triggered by Nicole Arbour submitted by fattiesrgross to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 12 points -11 points (+1|-12) ago

How are you getting fatty from this video? Maybe it's a camera trick but I see a reasonably thin female.

Edit: i was fooled by fattie's camera tricks. Sorry guys!

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure submitted by Beautyinblue to fatpeoplehate

seniorscubasquid 13 points -9 points (+4|-13) ago

this is a repost.