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Live From the Scene with the MSM, submitted: 2/22/2017 4:03:37 PM, 374 points (+378|-4)

Mark Wahlberg: Celebrities need to shut up about politics, submitted: 11/30/2016 9:02:12 PM, 372 points (+374|-2)

I Believe Them All, submitted: 3/2/2016 9:22:42 PM, 366 points (+372|-6)

Looks Like Someone Wants to Come to Briefings Again, submitted: 2/25/2017 3:57:20 AM, 366 points (+375|-9)

Patriarchy, submitted: 4/7/2016 9:40:32 PM, 360 points (+368|-8)

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I hate that couch, submitted: 3/12/2017 1:24:28 PM, -6 points (+2|-8)

My wife and I are white evangelicals. Heres why we chose to give birth to black triplets., submitted: 4/21/2016 5:09:48 PM, -4 points (+5|-9)

Do Women Become Irreparably Damaged After Allowing Arab Princes To Defecate On Them?, submitted: 8/19/2016 9:17:53 AM, -3 points (+3|-6)

Some Shit is Hilarious b/c It's True, submitted: 3/12/2017 3:07:55 PM, -3 points (+4|-7)

I tattooed my eyeballs and had my tongue split in two: Woman, 30, reveals her obsession with body modification, submitted: 4/19/2016 5:52:13 AM, -2 points (+2|-4)

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Women Cry Foul as Glamour Magazine Names Bruce Jenner Woman of the Year submitted by newoldwave to news

saverem 3 points 187 points (+190|-3) ago

Kek, it's official. Men are better at being women than women are.

Voat Code Changes & Update submitted by PuttItOut to announcements

saverem 2 points 131 points (+133|-2) ago

Another example of the creators of this site being awesome. They tell you what's happening and what they're doing. Other sites don't do this.

Unusual surge of Anti-Trump & "Trump has lost all momentum" articles flooding news aggregate sites today. What gives? submitted by FeelinFroggy to politics

saverem 4 points 125 points (+129|-4) ago

shills out in full force. They don't want to lose the lgbt vote.

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Oregon standoff escalates as FBI surrounds Malheur wildlife refuge live updates submitted by doginventer to news

saverem 22 points -17 points (+5|-22) ago

The activists left. There's like 2-4 inbred fucks that stayed behind or something. One posted a video of himself doing donuts in a stolen government vehicle the other day.

Alligator attacks car submitted by Ilikebordercollies to gifs

saverem 13 points -10 points (+3|-13) ago

I wouldn't intentionally fuck with an alligator. Maybe the guy in the video did. If you tear the bumper off my car then you are a threat and I will end you. That's my mindset.

women have it easier than men in 1st world countries, but people love to act like theyre still so oppressed submitted by hecho to whatever

saverem 14 points -10 points (+4|-14) ago

Thanks for the opportunity to ignore you using AVE. Fucking degenerate.