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Chronicles of Voat: The Qtard Saga submitted by Shekelstein6M to funny

satisfyinghump 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago

The last line where the faggot tells the other bigger faggots that they look really fucking gay in their outfits really sold this comic for me.

10/10, would read again

Texas: Mudshark bank teller tips off her black boyfriend, who robs another white woman of $75,000, and runs her over with a car, leaving her in critical condition. submitted by John_B_14 to news

satisfyinghump 1 points 46 points (+47|-1) ago

When this story first was reported, that juicy detail about the mudshark was missing... when will race traitors learn?

New theory: Elon Musk refused to join the old global elite submitted by AmaleksHairyAss to Conspiracy

satisfyinghump 1 points 34 points (+35|-1) ago

I like this theory. I've always been curious why I never seen him with the older/elite type crowd... You hit the nail on the head possibly!

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Here, I fixed this stupid fucking FB forward. submitted by shadow332 to fatpeoplehate

satisfyinghump 20 points -20 points (+0|-20) ago

God daymn, those are some sexy cartoon babes

Hollywood, We Have A Problem: Space Flick 'First Man' Gets Flagged With Boycott Petition submitted by HaySpike to politics

satisfyinghump 16 points -16 points (+0|-16) ago

Good. I'm assuming it's being boycotted because most people KNOW we never went to the moon, nor left our atmosphere.

I have no words submitted by LegendarySock to fatpeoplehate

satisfyinghump 10 points -9 points (+1|-10) ago

Shouldn't we at least be celebrating their small achievement?

Look, I get it, we feel the bar we set for ourselves and society is not too high, but normal. Its achieveable.

But maybe if we realize we do not share our society with like minded, smart and motivated people but instead we share society with lesser beings, we can take joy from their smaller achievements. Hell, drinking water and only water for a month isnt an achievement in many parts of the world, and even then these people are drinking more then just water without having a choice (contaminated water).

I'm not saying we should lower our bar of expectations. I'm only saying we should he aware that these "people" would have long ago been killed by mother nature if we still lived by the "survival of the fittest" dichotomy. And in a way we do, but these days, the fittest person is the sneakiest most coniving little faggot they can be.