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According to it's mods protect voat is perfect as is and needs no improvement. What are your thoughts? (only posting here because they flared my post there as a concern troll) submitted by Call_Me_Kelly to whatever

ronbo99 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

/v/protectvoat is just another mod exercise in censorship. they delete WORDS that hurt their fee fees just like other faggot SJW mods in the default subs.

The hilarious part is all these pathetic faggots acting hard BEHIND MOMMY'S KEYBOARDS yet NO BALLS to say these things out loud in an UNCENSORED format so public scrutiny can expose their bullshit.

If these keyboard warriors have no balls to live debate, then their views are too childish to be taken seriously. what ADULT was ever threatened by WORDS? LOL!