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This is where we are right now, submitted: 9/18/2018 9:58:20 PM, 387 points (+390|-3)

Twitter shuts down 30 sites dedicated to saving politicians' deleted tweets, submitted: 11/20/2017 9:43:57 PM, 374 points (+384|-10)

Ted knows what they really think, submitted: 4/2/2018 3:05:11 PM, 369 points (+384|-15)

Way to go Einstein, submitted: 7/22/2017 5:51:49 AM, 357 points (+361|-4)

Divirsity is making us stronger in many ways, submitted: 12/9/2018 4:44:28 AM, 349 points (+351|-2)

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Dont ban Donald Trump. Just keep on laughing at him | David Mitchell, submitted: 12/13/2015 6:26:41 PM, -10 points (+8|-18)

Human Brains Are Neither 'Male' Nor 'Female', submitted: 12/2/2015 4:08:04 PM, -7 points (+2|-9)

Be afraid, Donald Trump. We're about to see the best of Barack Obama, submitted: 6/22/2016 3:27:08 AM, -7 points (+4|-11)

Oregon standoff: What if the armed occupiers were black or Muslim?, submitted: 1/9/2016 6:30:51 AM, -6 points (+2|-8)

Another Oscar Year, Another All-White Ballot, submitted: 1/16/2016 4:45:11 PM, -5 points (+4|-9)

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Reddit is bleeding out bad.. submitted by Islamiscancer to MeanwhileOnReddit

ratsmack 0 points 103 points (+103|-0) ago

Let's just hope they double down on censorship.

"The beatings will continue until moral improves" - always works well.

FACT: Breitbart Is A Batshit Extreme Right Wing Conspiracy Site, Not A Genuine News Publisher submitted by SimpleAndFair to politics

ratsmack 0 points 101 points (+101|-0) ago

I see, all you have to do is put "fact check" in your URL and suddenly you become an unbiased fact checker... Mr. 20 minute account.

I left the love of my life because I thought I could do better. Now I'm childless and alone at 42 submitted by jerrykantrell to whatever

ratsmack 0 points 86 points (+86|-0) ago

Well, all I can say is tough shit.... get yourself a cat.

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I am not voting for The Donald. But this guy is a new hero. submitted by IWantToBelieve94 to fatpeoplehate

ratsmack 15 points -12 points (+3|-15) ago

Oh come on, that was a direct hit... you gotta vote for the guy. :)

Israel says will seize West Bank land; demolishes EU structures submitted by ratsmack to news

ratsmack 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

Ok...... real quick, list all of the ways that Israel is evil, I'm interested in hearing.

Ted knows what they really think submitted by ratsmack to funny

ratsmack 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

For what it's worth, here's what Snopes says about it: