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Le Pen Advances in French Polls as Security Concerns Sway Voters, submitted: 2/20/2017 3:42:18 PM, 88 points (+88|-0)

3 charged with torturing turtle, beating disabled veteran, submitted: 2/16/2017 8:04:58 PM, 66 points (+67|-1)

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I call weed "the Koran" because...., submitted: 4/20/2017 6:57:07 PM, -1 points (+3|-4)

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Chrome 57 Will Permanently Enable DRM submitted by porncounselor to technology

porncounselor 0 points 58 points (+58|-0) ago

It's not a stupid question. However, I am going to rip this other guy's comment wholesale, since it explains the issue a lot better than I can.

DRM is the mechanism used for ensuring (unsuccessfully) that you do not pirate content. It's a very controversial and anti-consumer practice, but widely prevalent and used by virtually all major content providers (Google, Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Sony etc.)

Why is it bad (ideologically) ?
Because the central premise is that user cannot be trusted. Sort of like guilty until proven innocent. To that end, the proposition that DRM makes is as follows: While you own your device, and are paying to watch some content, we don't know if you'll rip the content. However, in order for us to sell you the said content, it needs to go to your screen. Which in turn means that we need to send the relevant bits (1s and 0s) to your device. However, those 1s and 0s are for your screen only, and not for you, although they are going through your device, which you paid for, for the content, which you paid for, using internet, which you paid for.

How is DRM implemented ?
Using a closed source binary blob that no one can audit.

Why is it bad (technically) ?
Because it's a black box blob which has been the source of countless security bugs in flash and silverlight in the past.

Is it really bad if it can't be disabled ?
Yes. One of the comments from the bug report ( "Without an option to disable the legally charged black box of DRM there is zero chance of our organization either using or promoting the use of Chrome over competing browser solutions. There are proven security holes within the DRM black box that must by definition exist, largely due to the user being considered an untrusted entity, but the question then becomes who is considered "trusted"? For organizations, this must be their own IT department; for DRM, this must be a central authority which can authorize or deny access, and exfiltrate any data needed to make this determination. As such, while DRM components are forcibly enabled on Chrome, this browser is inherently unsafe from an IT perspective and, worse, makes the underlying system unsafe as well."

I still don't care. I don't think DRM affects me, does it ?
Yes it does. You cannot go beyond 720p in Netflix in most browsers due to silly DRM policies. I think only MS Edge shows 1080p due to the PlayReady DRM, and probably no browser shows 4K. It's just too precious for most people's eyes.

How can we stop this ?
Short of a massive shift in economics and consumer attitude, nothing will really change this. At best, you can vote with your wallet by supporting outlets that don't use DRM (and not supporting those that do). For eg., anything that Louis C.K. sells (, any music that bandcamp sells ( Music for download is generally DRM-free these days, but very few will sell uncompressed FLACs; bandcamp being one of them. You can also donate directly to EFF( and/or FSF(, or when you buy from amazon, use, and set them as one of your charities.

750+ Sex Criminals Have Been Arrested Across U.S. Since Trump Became President submitted by sand_mann to news

porncounselor 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago

Based on this source, 2015 saw 965 offenses with 387 "cleared" (I'm guessing that means convictions. I don't think data for 2016 is available yet.

As of 2/10/2017, we're 11.23% "through" the year. At 750 arrests, that means we've already arrested 77.72% of 2015's offenders, or 193.8% of 2015's convictions.

Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme' submitted by avian_buddha to Identitarian

porncounselor 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

Literally all of my hopes and none of my fears have come to pass so far. Every day I hop out of bed and turn on the news in eager anticipation, like a kid getting ready for saturday morning cartoons. What is Trump gonna do today? What kind of crybaby bitch-fit will the left throw? Stay tuned, kids!

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LOL @ these victims of intelligent trolling on /r/relationships submitted by Lord_of_the_rats to MeanwhileOnReddit

porncounselor 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

thanks, the mods at /r/relationships are no fun at all. they delete anything at the first whiff of trolling, or even if things get linked to other subs

US President Donald Trump fires FBI director James Comey: White House submitted by the_sharpest_knife to news

porncounselor 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago