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What subverses have potential? submitted by Jet to AskVoat

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Mod here! The best way to grow /v/polandball (and any community) is to post content! Keep up the good work!

Comment contribution points submitted by silverhare to AskVoat

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Some of us lower contribution class could use some of that sweet upvote welfare.

WhoaVerse now has a site-wide SSL submitted by Atko to announcements

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Mexican Military Chopper Crosses Into US, Shoots At Border Agents submitted by Kamicolo to news

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If you read closely, you see it was only a couple seconds flight into U.S. territory, and they turned back and left before killing anybody. Not 'wtf is the pres. doing this means war' by any means

If you want to help whoaverse but don't know how... submitted by Atko to ideasforvoat

polandsstronkest 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago

some type of owl. i imagined it was saying 'whoa! whoa!' instead of who! who!

Is there an online polandball comic creator? submitted by Isaac to polandball

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Fortunately no, because one of the best parts of polandball is that everyone's drawings are different. In addition, any templates would violate the no copying rule.