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As a non-US voater, can someone please explain to me who Bernie Sanders is, and why he's so awesome? All I ever hear about is Clinton and Trump in my news. submitted by DaBeetus to AskVoat

plumpton 2 points 37 points (+39|-2) ago

Firstly, most Americans support the Bernie's platform: universal health care; increased minimum wage; increased taxation of the super-wealthy; and, low-cost public universities. That is why he draws larger crowds that any other candidate.

Secondly, you hear of Trump and Clinton because news is a business and they grab eyeballs.

Thirdly, Bernie is 'awesome' because he says the obvious: the super wealthy and corporations have come to dominate politics and the middle class and poor have lost the little voice they had.

Fourthly, Bernie is 'awesome' because he speaks to the desire to return to the sensible policies we agreed on until thirty years ago: wealth redistribution; good, cheap public education; welfare; and, unions.

Ignore those that talk nonsense about hating Bernie and 'big' government. The US government is bigger than ever and only serves the interests of global trade. Clinton and all the Republicans are, unfortunately, tools in this game.

In America, everything from presidential candidates to new laws and regulations are completely controlled by money. What can the average person do to change this? submitted by Socalin to AskVoat

plumpton 0 points 27 points (+27|-0) ago

Although I sympathize with the revolutionary urge, I think history offers few positive examples of revolutionary zeal contributing to change. The American Revolution catered to--and was inspired by--the wealthy; the French Revolution did largely the same. The English, likewise. The Bolshevik, Mao, Castro.... Where has revolution created a better situation for the poor and disadvantaged? the fight for civil rights has not dramatically improved the economic situation for poor blacks.

instead, history suggests a far more boring solution: investment. Invest in education, media, infrastructure, health. Then we help the disadvantaged and money in politics becomes less influential. Right now we can see this live: fucking over the people of western europe can no longer be done on the national level. thus, we see creation of the super-state: the EU. there, the fairly well educated population has no control and business/money once again sways policy. Greece was nearly a great big 'fuck you'. a violent 'fuck you' would do nothing; but, an economic 'fuck you' shook the EU.

That is the real revolution. Vote Bernie.

Muslims Beat Up Dutch Girl submitted by CANCEL-CAT-FACTS to videos

plumpton 8 points 25 points (+33|-8) ago

What identifies them as Muslim?

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Terror threats will be the new normal for Europe, experts say submitted by Dr_No to news

plumpton 19 points -18 points (+1|-19) ago

The article warned of your precise conflation. Like the Trump supporters, I can never tell if you fellas are ironic or just stupid.

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton 'Killed hundreds of thousands of people with her stupidity' submitted by OhBlindOne to politics

plumpton 18 points -13 points (+5|-18) ago

Oh, that Donald! Once again proving that numbers do not matter to him. 10 Billion. Hundreds of thousands. Who cares. His supporters can neither read nor count.

After watching Trump in MI, maybe we should re-read Eco's definition of Ur-fascism submitted by plumpton to politics

plumpton 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

I doubt it. I dislike Hillary, but she cannot fulfill most of those categories. Nor can Bush. Nor can Kasich. Nor can Paul. Nor can Rubio.

The only one who can is Trump. Thus, the list is not too fuzzy. Arguably, it excludes all but (possibly) one.