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have you guys ever watched the eric andre show? submitted by jackthebutholeripper to AskVoat

petesam 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago

You are mega Nigger!!

Donkey Bith i love you so much @ mumbleberry aka dennis chandler submitted by kareemulla to funny

petesam 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago

May be divorce or animal lover?

Want to see some true voat love? submitted by Mumbleberry to whatever

petesam 2 points 10 points (+12|-2) ago

Whats wrong with you guys?

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Okay, which one of you is N1GG3RF4GG07 on dota??? submitted by piratse to AskVoat

petesam 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

Dumb Ass!!!!

Why would he paint over it? Unless... submitted by o0shad0o to funny

petesam 4 points 1 points (+5|-4) ago

LOL. Hilarious !

Add the "kratom" idiots to the upvote farmers submitted by Mumbleberry to ProtectVoat

petesam 1 points 2 points (+3|-1) ago

You are a Dumb ass Idiot!!!