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Looking for good accurate books about wars., submitted: 7/27/2015 6:24:10 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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Looking for good accurate books about wars., submitted: 7/27/2015 6:24:10 AM, 7 points (+7|-0)

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Pigeon caught flying drugs into prison submitted by stegg001 to news

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Good god, that's hilarious.

How is $15 minimum wage doing in Seattle? submitted by radamhadameal to AskVoat

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Same thing is happening all over the West Coast; San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, Monterrey, and even shitty Sacramento are all hitting, or about to hit the roof. They all have room for the tech industry, and all the tech jocks making decent money have raised the price of living; some peoples rent in San Fran has almost double what it was a decade ago. There is a long flood of the better off as Silicon Valley spreads, and prices are being raised to what the wealthier can pay. People are being squeezed out of homes they have lived in for decades to make room for the new tech giants. The whole West Coast is about to become a fucking boom town.

Do you think it would be a good idea if laws had to be reevaluated every 8-16 years to account for cultural relevancy? submitted by Zekethephoenix to AskVoat

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I believe Jefferson wanted the Constitution or the Bill of Rights revamped every 19 years.

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[M] What's something that you were able to change your significant others mind about? submitted by lamecustomgifs to AskAGirl

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Humans make shitty choices sometimes, unless you have hurt someone or do something illegal, I don't see why you should pay for one shitty choice for the rest of your life. I think abortions should be covered like all other health procedures, with insurance, maybe with a co pay depending on coverage and cost of the procedure. If you have government health care (ex. the NHS) you are paying for what everyone else is paying for, health care. Health care includes abortions. Many women do have to pay out of pocket for abortions, and they are not 10 for $10. It is also harder than it should be to definitively prove rape. What person, after having everything taken away, wants to go to the hospital to admit their shame (and many women are ashamed), not many women immediately have a rape kit done, and without it within a few hours of the rape, everything gets muddled, and people tend to ask why they didn't go into the hospital sooner (this is most likely because the victim is curled in bed in shock and losing it).

Having sex wasn't a mistake, getting pregnant was. (Having sex may have been a mistake too, humans make bad choices when stuff is going on in their lives. The world is full of too many grey areas, we can't look at in in black and white, we miss the point.

[M] What's something that you were able to change your significant others mind about? submitted by lamecustomgifs to AskAGirl

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We seem to be crossing hairs about the difference between mistake and accident. I think of mistake as something you regret, a choice you shouldn't have made, something overlooked; I think of accident as "Oops, I didn't mean to get pregnant, maybe I didn't mean for my BC to fail", accident is unintentional. It's like, if the sex was a mistake, it may not have been something you planned on, but things happen in the heat of the moment. I think forcing someone to have a kid (who may well grow up poorly because they aren't wanted) is a pretty extreme punishment for having sex (or is it just punishment for getting pregnant in the first place).

And unfortunately, not all men do step up, what happens to the woman then, is it just to bad so sad?

[M] What's something that you were able to change your significant others mind about? submitted by lamecustomgifs to AskAGirl

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Until near all of those children are adopted, until the system can take real care of these kids, until birth control is easy for anyone to access, until sex ed is common (and abstinence only education is thrown out), I will continue to support abortion. Good for you for adopting, that's awesome. Now we just seem to be crossing hairs on the fundamentals, I think the pregnancy was a mistake, and until the child can survive out of the womb, it is not truly a person, and can be an accident.

People have sex, they know there is a risk. They also fly, drive, skydive, scuba, swim, eat, and do a million other things that could have bad consequences, normally don't, and are super fun. It's part of living. Should no one ever have sex without the intention of getting pregnant? Should we date, not have sex because it could cause an unplanned pregnancy, get married and avoid sex for the same reason, and then in the distant future have sex only because we have the intention of getting pregnant? Sex is intimate, and people want to be close to their loved ones, or maybe they are just starving for human contact, more often than not, sex has nothing to do with reproduction.

My beautiful cousin Lily Rose was born premature and survived, she was just at the point she could survive in the NICU, and she is amazing. It would have been awful if she had miscarried, she was planned and so wanted, but if she wasn't ready to live, it wasn't going to be like losing a person, it was going to be like losing this great hope, which can be just as devastating a loss. I love my cousin, she is gorgeous, it was touch and go for her first few months, but worth it.

I was born into an utterly destroyed group of people, not really a family. My mother got pregnant at twenty and the father wanted nothing to do with either my mother or her child. She had been abused as a child, lost her mother young, and was scared shitless. She met a man (my father) who saw her fear and took advantage of her, filling her fathers place as her abuser. My sister was born to a terrified young English woman, and an asshole who would make the next fifteen years of her life miserable. She didn't want to abort, but in my mind, if she wasn't going to be strong enough to protect her child from what she herself had gone through, she had no business having a baby. My brothers were born to the same situation as my big sis, and by twenty five my mother had three children and was still dependent on and married to my father. In the next twelve years she got a bit stronger, sibling got more and more abused, and she left him on and off for almost a decade. Just when they were finally getting divorced, they decided to go to Disneyland (his idea) as a last trip. My brothers (my sister wasn't there, she was lucky enough to shipped of to the UK at fifteen) were packed up and on this wonderful trip, my mother and father had "one last time", cringe.

One last time with the man who had hurt her and her children for twelve years. Guess what? Well I'm sitting here typing, aren't I? She went back. I spent the next sixteen years being abused, abandoned, molested (by him), shunned, kept away from my family, and generally kept miserable and downtrodden my whole life. Fun, right?

I should have been aborted. It would have meant mt siblings got away, my mother could take care of them, and sister could come home, everyone could recover, and the nightmare would be over, but no. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy I'm alive, but if I wasn't me, I could have turned to drugs, alcohol, gangs, anything. There have been many times I wish I wasn't alive. My mother let her weakness and her principles hurt her children, and I will never completely forget that.

So I believe in abortion. I believe that it could have saved so much pain if things had been different. And my story is mild. I'm lucky. I made it out okay, many don't.