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Massive brawl erupts in SF mall leaving 1 cop hurt and the mall locked down. Not a single white person in sight. submitted by Dibgick to news

obvious-throwaway- 0 points 70 points (+70|-0) ago

Let's be clear, these blacks are doing nothing wrong or unnatural. The only issue is that these types of interactions should be happening on a litter filled dirt field in the middle of Africa somewhere and should end with a few of them wrapped in tires and lit on fire. This is who they are.


Go home black people, living free in Africa is better than sitting in white prisons.

Since Netflix is now ok with racism and stereotypes, I'm going to suggest "Dear Every Single Nigger, Quit Raping White Woman" for a new series. Suggest your own! submitted by obvious-throwaway- to AskVoat

obvious-throwaway- 2 points 55 points (+57|-2) ago

I had to mark it as NSFW because it might not be safe to click on racial hatred websites like Netflix while at work.

Equifax Chief Security Officer clearly hired based on her impeccable credentials submitted by Mr_Quagmire to whatever

obvious-throwaway- 0 points 45 points (+45|-0) ago

Chosen people? We need to come up with a solution that solves this problem once and for all.

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Can we not have Wendy's astroturfing their shit on Voat too? Anyone who's been on Reddit knows this shit isn't legitimately upvoted. submitted by Grifter42 to funny

obvious-throwaway- 11 points -9 points (+2|-11) ago

Fuck off (((Wendy's))), nobody gives a fuck about your cancerous food stuffs.

Fedora Logic submitted by 9-11 to funny

obvious-throwaway- 11 points -5 points (+6|-11) ago

1) All religions were created by vile Jews copying ideas and stories from better men.

2) Implying that without people believing that a magical sky genie is watching them masturbate, nobody would have been interested in books.

3) Believing that my town is overrun with spics, niggers drive down home values, faggots should go back in the closet and woman need to get back in the kitchen is not the exclusive belief of adults who want to believe in fairy tales.

If Seth Rich turns out to be the leaker of the DNC leaked information, and did indeed change the results of the election, could he possibly be one of the most influential people of the last 100 years? submitted by anzel2002 to AskVoat

obvious-throwaway- 5 points -4 points (+1|-5) ago

Was Seth a dirty, greasy, hook nosed Jew pretending he had super powers so he no longer had to work a manual labor job? If not, then I don't see the connection to Jesus.