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COLLAPSE OF THE CALIPHATE: ISIS fanatics are in 'full scale surrender' because they're no longer being paid or fed by terror chiefs US General reveals submitted by guinness2 to politics

nsaeatsshit 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

Thank Israel, Thank Mossad, Thank Netanyahu, Thank Sheldon Adelson, ...

ISIS - Israel Security Intelligence Services.

Does this mean that Israel ran out of Free USA Joo-Bucks? ( USD FIAT )

I think that during the entire Obama Administration Clinton Funnelled Billions to Israel to run ISIS, but under TRUMP, he's listening to his own generals.

Blowback is already here, that's much of the reason that Trump's people were shot-up in LV.

Iraqi Forces Shot Down ISIS Drone, Examination Of The Drone Revealed That It Was Manufactured In Israel submitted by ceratox to news

nsaeatsshit 6 points 11 points (+17|-6) ago

Israel is ISIS - Israel Security Intelligence Services

Just a few days ago Trump told the Russians that ISIS/Israel was going to make a plane bound for USA 'dissapear' with their Boeing-BUAP laptop TECH.

Even 'Black-Hat' has tools avail DIY where any hacker can hack the Boeing SAT-COM, its an 'Austistic' Wet-dream, courtesy of Israel

Stephen Paddock who Alledgedly "SHOT UP VEGAS" Has been running the largest Child-Sex Operation in USA since 1980's - Ran SE-ASIAN children between LV Air-Force Bases and Philpine Island US Bases submitted by nsaeatsshit to pizzagate

nsaeatsshit 2 points 9 points (+11|-2) ago

These guys seem to have it figured out, that PADDOCK planes lead back to CIA children's resort in Virginia.

Ties Franklin-Cover up, kids, CLINTON, CIA, FBI, MOSSAD and Las Vegas child fucking worldwide.

Larry King, Epstein,


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Assange Accidentally Admits Seth Rich Was Source In Forgotten Interview submitted by SeekingWithin to politics

nsaeatsshit 10 points -10 points (+0|-10) ago

There are many interviews where Julian does this, he's the original creator of the MEME,

They start in August 2016 and continue all the way to this week. Where Julian continually implies that Seth Rich is source of DNC leaks, and frequently Julian add's "It's NOT the Russians, its an INTEL source in USA GOV".

How can Julian have it both ways? Unless Seth Rich was an INTEL source in US-GOV? Was Seth Rich really an FBI deep informant? Was Seth Rich a spy? NSA or CIA? Going deep in DNC? But Wiki-Leaks doesn't ever release sources??

Julian is either feeding the MEME, or he's sitting on evidence.

PPL say Wiki-Leaks doesn't know source, then why in the fuck is Julian saying this shit?

IMHO Julian's Wiki-Leaks is MOSSAD, just like wiki-pedia

Maybe Julian has been locked up to long?? Maybe its not him, its an actor and the CIA/MOSSAD keep releasing this shit for their agenda??

What is real? Seth Rich or US-GOV INTEL? or Russian's? or Russian-Israel Bankers?

ACLU "DEEP LIBERAL ZIONIST FRONT" Demand Immediate Disclosure of Trump Tapes / It appears that the Entire MSM ZIONIST Machine Fear's that Trump May Release The Comey Tape's Before they "Sanitize Them" submitted by nsaeatsshit to politics

nsaeatsshit 7 points -5 points (+2|-7) ago

Trump, Epstein, Dershowitz, & Felix Sater, a lot of people in NYC knew the FBI game, if you became an 'informant' you were a 'made man', nobody could touch you, including the FBI.

Trump may have become an informant for the FBI, because he saw his business partner "Felix Sater" Get rich with Russian catch by being an FBI "Informant". So let's say that TRUMP played along with the sick game that the FBI has created with their absolute power over the USA for almost 100 years.

Felix Sater the biz partner of Trump at Trump tower Russian intermediary 911 to 2013 is an "FBI INFORMANT" ran Bayrock for years laundered Russian Cash, became rich and FBI just let it go on. Just like FBI run's CP servers and creates CP forever, largest honey-pot on earth of CP, and they never destroy the principals.

@KosherHiverKicker I seriously think that Trump is also a Deep "FBI Informant" they know that Trump was close to the mob his entire adult life, and Trump was close to Epstein, Dershowitz, .. all these guys are high level rich zionist Jews ( Trump included ), they all get this "Get out of Jail free card" called "Informant".

Here's the deal, there is NO MAFIA, the MAFIA is the GOV and FBI/CIA is the muscle.

If there was a real MAFIA, and Felix Sater & EPSTEIN, & TRUMP, & Derhshowitz were real 'stool pidgeons' who narc'd on the MOB, you know what would happen. The fact that all these guys can operate 20+ years in public, with known status as 'informant' show's that they don't fear the "MOB", its shows that they're working with the system.

The GOV is the MOB, the GOV long ago "Guiliani", took out the MOB, and replaced it with their own, that's why CIA run's all the opium, and cocaine on earth so they can supply the USA based mob.

The FBI only exists to keep out competition.

Along comes TRUMP, and JEW INFORMANT, a protected made-man.

FBI Comey has meeting's with TRUMP explaining to TRUMP his new position in the MAFIA, Trump doesn't go along, TRUMP has an EGO, TRUMP makes Tapes.

Now the entire System in DC must take Trump Down.

Sec Tillerson: Steps are underway to form an international coalition to remove Syrian dictator. [Did Hillary just become fucking president?] submitted by EmmetMcTaggart to politics

nsaeatsshit 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Hillary was always PREZ,

Think about this BLUFF, she has threatened to BOMB Syrian Airfields which hold RUSSIAN TROOPS by the 1,000's

All TRUMP has to do is ADMIT he stole the ELECTION and HRC becomes POTUS, and then she can drop her bluff.

Probably the worst thing for PUTIN is losing 1,000's of his top-guns who are sitting targets in the desert, the RUSSIAN people are fed shit from ISRAEL and asking "Why R we there", what caused Russia to Collapse in 1980's was losing the war in AFGHAN, e.g. 1,000's of young boys coming home dead & castrated. Russian people will NOT tolerate massive loss of life,

On the other HAND HRC loves to kill people, and she will KILL millions if it means she can control the world.