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Report: 80's kids started programming at an earlier age than today's millennials submitted by TheBuddha to programming

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People used to work on their own cars too..

Account Deleted By User submitted by facetumor to AskVoat

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When I was in the air force it was best explained as the corporate branch of the military. Most of being in the air force was drama and office(shop) / squadron politics. Eight hour work day and weekends off. If you are socially intelligent it is better than being good at your job. Although either skill will let you survive the air force politics. It was a good experience though. Although some people are very abusive of their power. Think of bullying, men using rank to sleep with lower ranking females etc.

If whites are Israels biggest ally, why does Jews ridicule whites so much submitted by John20 to AskVoat

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Because Jews Rock!

Title Here

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Alright.... which one of you brilliant motherfuckers did this? submitted by totes_magotes to funny

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Muslims are the enemy of our enemy tho

Why Do Single Mothers Expect Sympathy Because They Have Children? submitted by daskapitalist to AskVoat

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Because they are drawing on instincts that would make sense if we were one tribe. If we were a tribe and there was no welfare helping "losers" reproduce then the women acting this way would make sense.

Anyone else mostly watch movies made before the year 2000 to avoid sjw propaganda? submitted by Justaddcoffee to movies

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Jews invented Hollywood. They even did the classic main group and satellite dissent formula where most Jews went to Hollywood but a minority stayed on the east coast and claimed to be the more moral and traditional movie industry. It seems like some sort of super specific evolutionary tribal trait where Jews want to represent all sides of public debate or all sides of an issue/industry.