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USS Liberty Documentary reaches Front page and mods delete every single comment from the post. submitted by OhBlindOne to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 5 points 33 points (+38|-5) ago

The very first instance of censorship by prior restraint on reddit was when /r/worldnews forbade any and all discussion about Israel.

This of course occurred shortly after the Conde Nast takeover.

My account, as well as the accounts of others who were critical of Israel I am sure, were banned the same day they banned /r/Jailbait. I was otherwise a five-year redditor in good standing and a donator on top of that. I guess if you're going to take the hit for committing censorship in full public view then you might as well get as much bang for your buck as possible.

Pro-Isreal vote manipulation ring infiltrated and exposed. submitted by lolsociety to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 7 points 26 points (+33|-7) ago

People are ignoring the threat that (ok fine) organized Jewry poses to humanity and at their great peril.

I've been on these lists. I've seen things... I can post a link to a story to buttress an argument and see that story taken down a few hours later. I can make an edit on wikipedia and not only see the edit reverted but stricken from the log of edits. I had a blog that once linked to would be stricken from search engines. The constant banning, censoring, deleting... it is a full-time occupation for these people and the reason is absolutely clear for anyone who will bother to spend the five seconds it takes to understand why: their agenda cannot survive scrutiny.

My sole criticism starting out was to call attention to the predominance of Jews in our media and point out how unhealthy that was, especially in the context of Israel. To then see that media respond not by challenging any of the things said, but rather, working hard to see that nobody else ever gets to read them, is essentially a surrender on their part.

In America, we challenge the aggregation of power. Our whole society is erected on that premise. To then see a people claim to have the right to hold power that must then never be challenged, and to then see all the rest of you capitulate to that demand, is easily the most distressing reality I've ever had to face in my life.

Russia unbans Reddit: "Roskomnadzor has confirmed [Reddits] full compliance, and accordingly removed the website from the registry of illegal online materials" submitted by 721r to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 0 points 26 points (+26|-0) ago

How does spez manage to sit upright in a chair? Or are they actually able to transplant spines today?

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Prepare for the Reddit-tatorship: New CEO poised to limit free speech submitted by OhBlindOne to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 9 points -9 points (+0|-9) ago

Yeah, well, voat is banning subverses too. Even /v/meanwhileonreddit (remember "watch reddit burn!") is now engaged in censorship.

People + Power = Assholes

"Reddit is practicing censorship, pure and simple." - Glenn Greenwald submitted by go1dfish to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

And so is voat.

Prepare for the Reddit-tatorship: New CEO poised to limit free speech submitted by OhBlindOne to MeanwhileOnReddit

nokilli 7 points -7 points (+0|-7) ago

Please show me how the "glass cliff" isn't relevant to reddit. Please show me what rule is being violated here. Please show me how this doesn't qualify as "letting out steam" as per moderator's explicit allowance in the sticky posted at the top of the page.