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Trump: Fix 'Massive Problem' of Mentally Ill, Let Gun Owners Be submitted by OhBlindOne to news

newgabe 1 points 10 points (+11|-1) ago

Privatization isn't wrong. Corporatism is wrong.

do you remember reddit? submitted by SmoothAndOriginal to gifs

newgabe 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

very first OC I've seen detailing all the problems with reddit. good job brosef

You Could Literally Walk on the Sun and You Would Not be Half as Burnt as this Bitch submitted by MuchToLearn to funny

newgabe 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago

Lol it was made by a redditor for reddit. ...

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Account Deleted By User submitted by 0x4F to politics

newgabe 11 points -10 points (+1|-11) ago

You people are idiots. Never have I ever seen premiums increased that much. You lie so you find a reason to hate someone. This has helped people. I'm so sorry you rich white dummies have an extra percentage of taxes taken out to help othera. Selfish fucks

We're not allowed to post this kind of thing on Reddit, which is exactly why I want to post it here. submitted by ShitArchon to tumblrinaction

newgabe 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Bullshit. There's a difference between saying there is institutional racism which should be stopped and saying white ppl should be killed. Fuck that dude and do him so he loses his job and everything else. Fuck u for letting him do it

Winning the war against fake news. submitted by OricaTonithos to politics

newgabe 7 points -6 points (+1|-7) ago

That's happening to the economy on all scales, not just media. I didnt realize so many stupid con grandpas were on here. Guess y all needed a safe space from Reddit.