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If America hadn't interfered in WW2 we would have a white Europe now., submitted: 6/24/2018 10:01:22 PM, 168 points (+182|-14)

Our front page is full of jewish bullshit invaders, submitted: 12/16/2018 11:32:29 AM, 131 points (+160|-29)

The ringworm scandal - When Israeli Doctors Killed Tens of Thousands of Arab Children, submitted: 12/16/2018 11:06:25 AM, 37 points (+41|-4)

Aaron Russo, a breakaway jew, speaks the truth., submitted: 8/14/2018 10:34:24 AM, 36 points (+39|-3)

The Neverending Story (1984). Watch this one with your kids. Fantastic and wonderful, based on Michael Ende's even more wonderful book., submitted: 8/9/2018 9:50:12 AM, 29 points (+32|-3)

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I enjoy watching my CP go down. Please visit my sub., submitted: 10/12/2018 1:12:02 AM, -13 points (+4|-17)

/v/niggers is the worst example of jewish shills upvoting each other to gain power on Voat., submitted: 8/13/2018 7:51:48 PM, -9 points (+1|-10)

I'm a sexually conflicted homoblack and I love jew money. I also love Reddit, and don't know what gender I identify with., submitted: 8/14/2018 9:04:05 AM, -8 points (+2|-10)

Let's make Emilia Clarke president!, submitted: 8/15/2018 9:56:38 AM, -8 points (+1|-9)

Hi there, jews. What are you doing on Voat?, submitted: 8/14/2018 10:19:57 AM, -7 points (+3|-10)

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Official Court Documents Reveal Google Believes Free Speech Is "Disastrous" For Society submitted by Bfwilley to politics

moviefreak 1 points 29 points (+30|-1) ago

It will be disastrous for jewry if people become aware of their crimes. From starting both world wars to being responsible for all known genocides in the world and implementing usury in every country. From prostitution to being slavers and running the international drug market. Their infiltration and murders of democratic societies, and their overall gayness-Jerusalem is the capitol of homo's. I can see why they don't want that to become known.

They are nothing but shitstains on mankind. May they rot in Hell.

Which of you faggotniggers is this? submitted by KingChem to AskVoat

moviefreak 0 points 21 points (+21|-0) ago

That is Soapboxbanhammer. I recognize him.

51% of Gamers Disagree with Gaming Addiction, 93% Feel Media Are Unjustified in Linking Games & Violence. submitted by Grimlock2015 to gaming

moviefreak 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

First it was cartoons that corrupted, then it was the video movies, and now it is games?

100% BS.

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Oy vey! Don't slander with your truth! submitted by antiliberalsociety to whatever

moviefreak 21 points -21 points (+0|-21) ago

Wow, how stupid...holy shit. You Americans even care what is coming out this bitch's mouth? Please go get your shit together. Asshole and elbows, marines!

Here is a movie where the quote comes from:

Can niggers stop appropriating white history? submitted by voatuser1128 to Niggers

moviefreak 17 points -16 points (+1|-17) ago

Go home to Israel, asshole. We won't miss you.

Ben Garrison cartoon gives Q a shout out! submitted by srayzie to GreatAwakening

moviefreak 16 points -15 points (+1|-16) ago

Fuck Q. Don't be another moron jew, we have enough already. Post something interesting since you live of our tax dollars.