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2015 NHL Entry Draft: Rounds 2 - 7, submitted: 6/28/2015 7:43:34 AM, 1 points (+1|-0)

Getting started with NHL streams, submitted: 6/28/2015 4:23:03 AM, 2 points (+2|-0)

Requesting v/NetflixBestOf, only mod has been inactive for over a month and never made a submission to the subverse., submitted: 7/7/2015 12:29:44 AM, 3 points (+3|-0)

Jets Prospects Rookie Camp Scrimmage, submitted: 7/25/2015 8:16:03 AM, 3 points (+4|-1)

Welcome to the new an improved v/NetflixBestOf!, submitted: 8/5/2015 4:48:34 AM, 4 points (+4|-0)

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Real Time with Bill Maher: The United States of You Dont Wanna Know submitted by CrackheadControl to politics

mistraval 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago

Ignorance truly is bliss.

The 'Christian Knight' world map, c.1596 submitted by Dumbtickles to pics

mistraval 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

Remarkably accurate. What's with the demon drawings though?

Im done with Reddit like everyone else. I hope to see this place thrive! submitted by Douse12 to introductions

mistraval 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago

It really seems to be lately, it's exciting to see! Welcome.

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[US] Trailer Park Boys (2001): Hilarious Mockumentary TV series following the booze-fueled misadventures of three longtime pals running scams in their trailer park submitted by mistraval to BestOfNetflix

mistraval 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

The worst thing to happen to Netflix, right. I envy your life where you can afford to invest this much time and energy into complaining about something so trivial. I hope nothing actually bad happens to you. Imagine the fallout…

Requesting v/BestOfNetflix, only mod has been inactive for 11 months. submitted by mistraval to subverserequest

mistraval 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Thank you!!

deleted by user submitted by blahblahgabor to news

mistraval 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

With the TPP in the works, the days of a proverbial free internet are numbered.