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"Muslims forced to drink alcohol and eat pork in Chinas re-education camps, former inmate claims" submitted by Russianbots to funny

mean_dot 2 points 50 points (+52|-2) ago

Why are the Russians and Chinese the nations left that know how to deal with shit? How did the males of the USA become such cowering faggots.

Worth More than 1 Million Niggers submitted by dayofthehope to Niggers

mean_dot 0 points 22 points (+22|-0) ago

They are the primary reason I can't back anti-abortion legislation.

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The 10 Glorious Ways That We Treat Fats Different Than Humans submitted by FatFear to fatpeoplehate

mean_dot 9 points -7 points (+2|-9) ago

Obesity is a mental disorder, like faggotry. Being obese is no more sane than being a cutter. Self abuse and gluttony.

Obese liberals are the best. Their detrimental impact on the environment is huge but they'll preach their liberal bullshit without a care in the world.

Member Zoobooks? submitted by DivineFits to Memberberries

mean_dot 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Your title is indicative of a black, gay or otherwise retarded individual. I'm pretty sure you should have titled this post, "Remember Zoobooks?"

Were you trying to be "cute" (read: gay)? Or, are you just stupid?

Commie's dad disavows him submitted by HeavyBeefCurtain to politics

mean_dot 6 points -3 points (+3|-6) ago

That father failed. He and all of his progeny should be sterilized.