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Blue jeans glitch submitted by flock-o-turtles to GlitchInTheMatrix

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Someone behind the veil is losing their job for that one.

The great gluten-free diet fad submitted by OftenTooRude to CriticalThinking

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I'm gluten intolerant. I wish I could eat gluten. You have no idea how many of you I would punch in the nose If I could eat a nice hot freshly made donut once a week.

I don't have celiacs disease, at least I've never been diagnosed. If I eat gluten, my stomach hurts until it's all passed through my system, I ache like I have the flu and my joints hurt. When it's real bad it can cause a migraine and seems to inflame my sinuses as well. It sucks.

I think that diet fads in general are unproductive and illogical, but people tend to flock to this nonsense. That's my two cents.

[Serious] Why are you Americans so okay with Police brutality? submitted by Umrtvovacz to AskVoat

martygwilliams 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago

Not all cops are brutal or assholes. A lot of them are really good guys and are truly concerned with helping people. That being said, It's a profession that tends to attract a certain kind of person. Someone with a grudge against life and people in general or someone that gets off on the feeling of power. I've never seen any police brutality personally, but there have been instances in my area. As far as I'm aware, they've been dealt with in an appropriate manner.

As an example, a state trooper threw a handcuffed woman to the ground and stomped her after she spat in his face. The trooper in question tried to get another trooper that was on scene to delete his dashcam video, but the other trooper refused. The trooper that turned in his video of the incident received praise from his superiors and the trooper that brutalized the woman was fired. I'm unaware if criminal charges were ever pressed against him.

You have to understand that the US is a big place with lots of people. There's going to be some incidents of assholes doing bad things, but our media tends to focus only on the bad and not the good. It may not make much sense to you, but it's a little hard to get really upset about something that happens a thousand miles away from me.

I do believe that any law enforcement officer that breaks the law while in uniform should be prosecuted like anyone else and that doesn't seem to happen nearly as much as it should.

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Hi. I think the world may be an illusion. submitted by wearethemusicmakers to introductions

martygwilliams 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

Dammit Jerry, stop screwing with my happiness. Every time we drop into a new simulation, you have to go and start questioning reality just when I get in my groove. We've been through this, if you keep picking at the threads of reality by questioning it's existence, you'll cause a segment fault and we'll get dumped again. Just settle down and enjoy yourself for once, please.

deleted by user submitted by deleted to pics

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And someone is going to be pissed when they have to rewire everything

How do you reply when someone says "what's up?" submitted by verificationist to AskVoat

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"Not a thang, but a chicken wang"