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What you should learn from #himtoo, submitted: 10/10/2018 4:30:37 AM, 12 points (+12|-0)

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What you should learn from #himtoo, submitted: 10/10/2018 4:30:37 AM, 12 points (+12|-0)

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group of blacks beat some whites sitting at a booth in a restaurant submitted by truthbeloathed to videos

lacrimamosa 3 points 40 points (+43|-3) ago


Here's what I was able to find from googling: 60-80 thousand years ago, a group of hominids migrated north from Africa into Europe. The cold climate and harsh winters selected for traits like long term planning, greater cooperation within the tribe (kin-selection an altruism), and a different dispositional affect (less driven by emotion overall). They interbred with Neanderthals, changing at least 2% of their DNA and forming, essentially, a new species, different from the hominids they left behind in many obvious physical traits like for example the prominent supraorbital ridge, the occipital bun and elongated skull, and of course, fair skin. Also different in terms of many important genes such as FOXP2 (speech and comprehension of abstract symbols/great capability for abstract thinking).

When the ice age ended, this species, armed with its unique genetic gifts and possessing a high IQ, proceeded to conquer the world.

They eventually developed new moral frameworks which led them to reject the concept of slavery, something no other species of hominid has ever done. To their great credit, they believed so strongly in this higher moral code that they put their own lives on the line, fighting wars to end slavery.

They also developed advanced political and economic systems, like market capitalism and marxism. Capitalism was so amazingly successful that it created countries in which "poor" people had such an excess of food that they grew fat, and where scientific advancements came so quickly that they literally harvested energy from atoms and flew into outer space. Marxism created bread lines (and copied some of the technical advancements of capitalism).

Though marxism's obvious and abject failure as an economic system should have seen it relegated to the dust bin of history, it mutated into a new meme: post-modernism. This was not an economic system, but an ideology - a worldview. Essentially, it's a search and replace within marxism for bourgeois, replacing it with "white people." Though a failure as an economic system, post modernism was fantastically successful as a meme. It makes its adherents feel incredibly virtuous when they openly state certain positions (regardless of the veracity of those positions). That results in huge rushes of dopamine, and addicts them to the meme.

In the pursuit of their virtue-fix, adherents to post modernism have utterly discarded their own people's noble history. They have accepted a worldview in which their own people are uniquely and entirely bad, and the descendants of the hominids that remained in Africa are entirely without sin. There is literally no behavior on the part of these other hominids that they will not dismiss or excuse. In the name of virtue signaling for post modernism, any crime done to white people, and any crime done by black people, is acceptable.

Naturally, this encourages crime. And sometimes, random white kids are attacked in random restaurants for absolutely no good reason. Someone may go to jail for this, but society as a whole will pay it no mind - the white kids are "privileged" you see. They have it coming.

The only kind of woman for me! submitted by TheFuckinMayor to pics

lacrimamosa 1 points 36 points (+37|-1) ago

A few years ago /pol/ pushed a meme on twitter with the hash tag, "no hymen, no diamond" meaning, "if you're not a virgin, I'm not going to marry you."

Hoe-Lee-Shit the thots were furious over it. What's particularly funny is that they were all shouting, "we don't want to marry you anyway" which is like, okay, then why does it make you mad?? I mean, do you think it makes me mad when fat ugly feminists say they aren't getting married? So if you think I'm similarly unattractive, then why do you give a fuck what arbitrary standard I invent?

It's like you said - deep down, they do know the truth. They do know that "virtue" is a real thing, and they don't have it.

The SJWs Supporting The New CoC for the Linux Kernel May Have Kicked a Massive Hornet Nest submitted by TCP_V1P3R to technology

lacrimamosa 0 points 17 points (+17|-0) ago

How was the old CoC not inclusive?

As I understand it, they didn't use to have a code of conduct, they had a code of conflict. The difference is that what they used to have was only a way of resolving conflict. If you disagreed with someone, the old code set the rules whereby you'd fight it out.

What they have now is a code of conduct - meaning, you have to behave a certain way on and off the project. Under the old system, you were free to believe and say whatever you wanted to say outside the project. You could go on your personal twitter account and say that you hate Canadians. When you come back to the project, if someone was angry, the angry person would be told not to bring outside drama into the project. If the code you submitted was good, it would be accepted regardless of your beliefs.

Under the new code, your conduct has to be "pure" both on and off the project. If you go on twitter and say you hate Canadians, they will kick you off the project using standard SJW language ("I don't fee safe")

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The Coming Civil War In South Africa submitted by mememeyou to videos

lacrimamosa 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

If they pick a location and say, "we are going to defend this area - no farmers die in this area" then that area just becomes a target for the military and the police. The military will roll in there and start going door-to-door arresting and disarming people, and the mob will follow close behind them slaughtering every white person who is left. Any white person sent to jail is already a death sentence.

So, just as a matter of strategy, they have to go on the offense. They have to go into black areas and start killing people. Every time a farmer is killed, they have to kill 100 blacks. It's either that or they have to commit to fighting the army (and the wave of civilians that will follow behind the army looking to steal and murder).

And once the killing does start, the UN is going to send "peace keepers" who will absolutely not bother to protect whites.

Am I wrong in my assessment of this? Is there any better strategic plan?

Berkeley Antifa Stalk Me At Farmer's Market | ashtonbirdie submitted by hafen to videos

lacrimamosa 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago

I am hereby accusing you of being a shill trying to shut down an activist because you know that she is effective at demonstrating the evil of the left.

That's my accusation. Here's how you can refute that accusation: link me to what you consider to be an appropriate member of "the movement." You said she was a "trad thot milking the movement for cash" - k. link me to someone you wouldn't criticize. Link me to someone you like. Come on. Present your example here for everyone to see and to compare to her.

Otherwise, I will believe you're a shill.

"How much Marxist Propaganda will fit in a single screenshot?" (Pulled directly from National Geographic website) submitted by GoatyMcGoatface to whatever

lacrimamosa 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

"Race is not a scientific term"

I once replied to this with, "racism isn't a scientific term either" - which of course they denied by linking to all the sociology papers that use the term. But, there are papers which use the term "race" too, so it's a disingenuous argument.

Okay, so don't use it, use the scientific ones.

For example, Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup. Anything you want to say about race, for example, saying that race is real and has meaningful effects on population outcomes - just substitute the words "Y-chromosome DNA haplogroup" in there, if you like.

"Race is skin deep"

Another thing they do is point to mixed-race people and say that now that mixing has occurred, there's no point in talking about race. Sargon did this in his debate with Richard Spenser. He kept asking how you know what a white person is. Spenser wouldn't answer, because he saw the trap coming. Most everyone has a bit of admixture.

The only place I've ever found where leftists are willing to openly debate this issue is the CMV forum on reddit. You might find this thread interesting. In particular, ctrl-F for Someone posts a couple of articles supposedly debunking his claim, and someone else replies with a article criticizing the vox one.

I thought it was a pretty good debate.