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Someone Shares A Story of a Fake Sexual Assault Encounter to Gain Sympathy, submitted: 3/12/2017 1:31:18 PM, -1 points (+1|-2)

Something A Little Light Hearted For Once - Futurama Writers and Voice Actors do an AMA, submitted: 6/29/2017 9:56:17 PM, -1 points (+2|-3)

[Cross Post] Roaming Millennial: Richard Spencer Interview | Politics & The Alt-Right's Goals (Pt. 2), submitted: 5/3/2017 8:39:55 PM, 0 points (+1|-1)

Five Reasons Why CNN is Fake News, submitted: 2/15/2017 1:25:44 AM, 1 points (+2|-1)

Using Reddit Literally Makes Me More Dumb, Using Voat Makes Me More Intelligent, submitted: 2/19/2017 9:00:56 PM, 1 points (+10|-9)

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Finally found a place where this image can't be reset to 0! submitted by magicmike to ThePedes

kneo24 2 points 63 points (+65|-2) ago

This should be the top comment.

You guys over at r/t_d did that shit to trigger people. While ShariaBlue shills are here, Voat is solidly Trump base in some capacity. There's no reason to garner the points and trigger people. Shit posting and Memes are fun, but please do engage in conversations.

Edditor Red Pills Everyone On Slutty Women submitted by EarlPoncho to whatever

kneo24 0 points 61 points (+61|-0) ago

So you're 14 now?

Hi, I'm Arminas Pileckas. I protected a girl in my class who was sexually harassed by a Syrian refugee who stabbed me to death for insulting his honor and is facing no charges. submitted by guinness2 to IslamUnveiled

kneo24 1 points 40 points (+41|-1) ago

People who follow the Muslim religion are incompatible with western civilization. Full stop. They are incompatible. At no point in time do you ever hear of any of the virtue signaling cucks talk about the good things Muslims do. You would think they would find some good examples every now and then to counter act the bad. This stuff is so bad that you can't even virtue signal for them other than vague generalities like, "not all Muslims".

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Very #FakeNews CNN Says Trump Was Wrong to Wear USA Hat to Texas It's Unethical submitted by saverem to politics

kneo24 10 points -6 points (+4|-10) ago

They're saying it's unethical, not because of what's on the hat, but because he sells these hats to fund his 2020 campaign. He's freely advertising these hats in a disaster area. Whether or not you agree with the ethics of that is an entirely different matter, but let's not paint the complaint disingenuously.

The mods who took over /v/identitarian are clearly planning a purge of their community. Advising caution from doing it just now. submitted by RamblinRambo to whatever

kneo24 6 points -5 points (+1|-6) ago

I prefer to call them "alt-kikes". They're most likely larping NEET's who still suckle on the teet's of their upper middle class parents.

Trump Supporter Bloodied, Hit in the Face With Beer Bottle For Wearing MAGA Hat in NYC Bar submitted by fluxusp to news

kneo24 11 points -5 points (+6|-11) ago

Here's the history lesson for you. During the civil war the north was more prosperous and technologically advanced than the south by many metrics. The south was just worse off in many ways. The railway systems, for starters, was an asset to the north and the south, and the north made sure to hold that system during the war.

A country that divided during that time period would have been ripe picking for anyone to come in conquer, especially after that war.

Holy shit dude, you're dumb for even suggesting what you suggested.