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This is what happens when you take pediatric advice from deranged trannies. submitted by shadow332 to whatever

kestrel9 2 points 88 points (+90|-2) ago

Transgender hormone blockers are ‘institutionalized child abuse’: pediatrician

“Chemical castration is what you’re doing when you put any biologically normal child on puberty blockers,” said Dr. Cretella, the president of the American College of Pediatricians. “It’s treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development.”

The doctor’s truth crusade did not stop there. “Sterilization is not good for kids,” she flatly stated. “Prepping them for what will likely result in a case in girls of a double mastectomy at 16 is not how you treat depression or anxiety.”  

She added that she speaks from a great deal of personal experience in “treating teenagers with depression, anxiety, even suicidal depression.”

Transgender ideologues like Zack Ford at ThinkProgress tell parents to observe and let their 1 ½-year-old’s behavior gauge his/her/ze’s gender. “Children as young as 18 months can begin to articulate aspects of their gender,” Ford claimed, “and it’s the children themselves who tell their parents about their gender identity.”

Cretella spoke against such agenda-driven use of youngsters. “Indoctrinating preschool kids with the lie that you can be trapped in the wrong body … disrupt(s) their normal reality testing and cognitive development,” she explained. “Those things are abusive.”

At the Heritage Foundation forum in Washington D.C., Dr. Cretella effectively and logically refuted two LBGTQI studies that claimed that affirming your child’s gender confusion is good for them, and pointed out the underlying issue in the politics of transition affirming protocol:

“This is not science,” Dr. Cretella concluded regarding the two pro-trans studies. “I don’t think you need to have an M.D. or a Ph.D. to know that’s not science — that’s ideology masquerading as science.”

“The crux of the matter is that while the transition-affirming movement purports to help children, it is inflicting a grave injustice on them and their non-dysphoric peers,” Cretella explained in an article for the Daily Signal.

She charged LGBTQI-friendly professionals with engaging in “massive, uncontrolled, and unconsented experimentation on children.” She said gender confusion is quite common in preadolescents and adolescents and it most often resolves after puberty.

“Today’s institutions that promote transition affirmation are pushing children to impersonate the opposite sex,” she said, “sending many of them down the path of puberty blockers, sterilization, the removal of healthy body parts, and untold psychological damage.” Cretella labeled this promotion of transgenderism “nothing less than institutionalized child abuse.” She called for “an immediate end” to “pubertal suppression, cross-sex hormones, and sex reassignment surgeries in children and adolescents, as well as an end to promoting gender ideology via school curricula and legislative policies.”

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Squatty Potty Pulls Ads Featuring Kathy Griffin: Comedian Violated Toilet Accessory Company's 'Core Values' submitted by harry_nash to news

kestrel9 0 points 52 points (+52|-0) ago

Not fit to sell toilets...pretty much sums it up.

Fuck CNN, seriously, members of congress are attacked and it's not as important as an almost day old fire in London? submitted by chaos63 to politics

kestrel9 1 points 42 points (+43|-1) ago

CNN is a Globalist Propaganda entity, they spread narrative, shape narrative, incite or repress depending on the need.

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Poll: Two-Thirds of Americans Believe Democrat Party Is Out of Touch Today submitted by Joker68 to politics

kestrel9 21 points -18 points (+3|-21) ago

"Out of touch" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of their delusional constructs and 'fauxrealism'.

New sex robots have 'frigid' setting which allows men to simulate rape submitted by They1 to news

kestrel9 3 points -3 points (+0|-3) ago

You have no fking clue how much research I've done. What have you done Mr. Fap Expert? Can't take 2 hours of your day to watch the video? Take months of research beyond that? What the fuck have you done? Go read all my pedo Kinsey sex trafficking posts asswipe. My posts don't even reflect the amount of notes and sources I have...what a clueless fucktard you are!

New sex robots have 'frigid' setting which allows men to simulate rape submitted by They1 to news

kestrel9 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

I was responding to the douchebag who offered no evidence, yet two people already are overly concerned about my comment and don't ask FattyWhale for his sources.

My evidence? Listen to part of Ted Bundy's final interview before getting executed it's at around 1:55 of the following video. Watch this video and connect the dots