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FF: Secret Service laptop with Trump, Clinton info LEAKED submitted by anonOpenPress to pizzagate

Justin_TeroG8 0 points 23 points (+23|-0) ago

This is a psyop/con... but who is conning the public? Is it the NYPD so it can be leaked by "Anonymous"l? Is the Deep State setting the public up for a false flag? Or Hillary trying to plant additional "emails" that contradict the others on Wikileaks...It's going to soon unfold and we'll all see who benefits from this supposed "theft".

When **PIZZAGATE** is finally exposed, **MSM will blame RUSSIA**. submitted by Barry_McCochiner to pizzagate

Justin_TeroG8 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

"The Russians did it!" is the new "The Dog ate my homework"

Are major "Leaks" about to occur? Secret Service laptop stolen out of vehicle at Hillary's house with "sensitive" email investigation info! submitted by Justin_TeroG8 to pizzagate

Justin_TeroG8 0 points 20 points (+20|-0) ago

Yes but now they can be leaked without the blame falling on NYPD Detectives or the FBI....hmmm.

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Q PROOFs - We have to prepare for the flood of new people! Sizable proof bites! submitted by PizzaStreamerLive to pizzagate

Justin_TeroG8 5 points -3 points (+2|-5) ago

Attacking people for Q is like attacking them for Religious beliefs. It's pointless in a free society. It does nothing but bring division. Plus E-Shade you get personal in attacks, which is a negative vibe we don't need around here. It's like a fight in my hometown years ago. Half the Churches thought Halloween was demonic. Two said All Hallow's Eve was for praying for the dead, and worshiping the Lord. Other Churches joined in town wide Halloween celebrations and handed out candy. The only thing that arguing between the two groups accomplished was that it made all the adults bitter at each other. The prayer meetings turned into a bitching session about all the other churches and they were hindered from prayer. And the adults in the other churches were upset, it became the talk of the night, so it hindered them from having a truly good time with the kids.

Each group should have been focused on their beliefs in their own minds. Whatever you believe believe it unto God without worrying about everyone else's beliefs!

My advice, You need to quit being a pharisee- a "Grammer Nazi" except for beliefs. Aren't you a big enough person to ignore the faith based differences of opinion and join in focusing on the Mission. If you'd put as much effort into writing about pizzagate as you do correcting everyone about Q think of all the knowledge that could be revealed!

Q is interesting to me. I don't have to believe in Q to be intrigued by him. The whole movement has encouraged people to dig for answers themselves.

So you're gonna have to decide @ESOTERICshade- Are you going to correct everyone for their faith based beliefs? Might as well tell all the Jewish folks here not to celebrate Hanukkah, tell the people whether they can hand out candy or not Oct 31st, Tell the secular crowd not to have Holiday Legends, and tell us all what to think concerning our own faiths and traditions.

Pfft! Who the Hell gives that right to ANYONE to dictate personal beliefs or cultural traditions on this Forum???

You don't have that right to be a "QAnon-Nazi". So QUIT. Grow up and quit letting it get to you. Focus on what YOU PERSONALLY want to investigate about Pizzagate and share THAT. If you don't believe in a lead that someone else is following, state your case without being a DOUCHE, and focus on the leads that YOU believe.

Tuscon Trafficking Update submitted by Blacksmith21 to pizzagate

Justin_TeroG8 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Sawman is legit. The MSM may try to smear him with this issue. TY Tuscon PD for investigating the site and filing nine reports,

Q said their was gonna be a lot of misinfo & be careful who you follow.

TY @Blacksmith21 for a great post.