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Assange has been taken, he left us a very simple clue submitted by salinaslayer to pizzagate

isthisreality 0 points 74 points (+74|-0) ago

I was on 4chan one night and saw some one post a cryptic message that no one else seemed to catch- but it reminds me a lot of what you are saying here about the novel and room 101- I can copy/pasta it later BC I cant remember the whole thing- but if you took the first letters from the individual lines of the posts- there were 3 - one spelled out "THEY HAVE OUR FAMILIES" the second spelled out "THE API" (you know, like the computer programming/coding term), and the third post was a few lines of lyrics from Bob Dylans "Across the Green Mountain". I mentioned it on reddit back in the day but people didnt believe me/said I was trolling etc. Look up the lyrics to the song and keep Assange and the staff of Wikileaks in mind. I cried like a fucking baby many times over this. And that is honestly what helped get me as passionate/OCD about this shit as I am. Not to mention it stirred up some kind of indescribable fucking HATRED for these people. I want to see them all taken down. Fuck them all for destroying someone who believed in setting the truth free, while they continue to lie and get away with everything while everyone else is left in the dark. I have been absolutely LIVID and full of complete and utter hatred for them for...quite some time now. I hope they all fucking burn for all the fucked up shit they've done. edit: one other anon did catch the "THEY HAVE OUR FAMILIES" message - I posted a screencap of that below as well. Forgot I had that. But there were no other replies from him, so aside from assuming he was someone in the intelligence field, that was the only relative reply on there from anyone regarding those messages.

Assange has been taken, he left us a very simple clue submitted by salinaslayer to pizzagate

isthisreality 0 points 43 points (+43|-0) ago (they) (have our families) (intelligence anon also notices message) (api / the api) ("cross the green mountain lyrics")

I cross the Green Mountain

I sit by the stream

Heaven blazing in my head I

I dreamt a monsterous dream

Something came up

Out of the sea

Swept through the land of

The rich and the free

I look into the eyes

of my merciful friend

And then I ask myself

Is this the end?

Memories linger

Sad yet sweet

And I think of the souls in heaven who will be

Alters are burning

The flames far and wide

the foe has crossed over

from the other side

They tip their caps

from the top of the hill

You can feel them come

All brave blood do spill

Along the dim

Atlantic line

The rapper's land (?)

lasts for miles behind

the lights coming foreward

and the streets are broad

all must yield

To the avenging God

The world is old

The world is great

Lessons of life

Can't be learned in a day

I watch and I wait

And I listen while I stand

To the music that comes

from a far better land

Close the eyes

of our Captain

Peace may he know

His long night is done

The great leader is laid low

He was ready to fall

He was quick to defend

Killed outright he was

by his own men

It's the last day's last hour

of the last happy year

I feel that the unknown

The world is so dear

Pride will vanish

And glory will rot

But virtue lives

and cannot be forgot

The bells

of evening have rung

there's blasphemy

on the end of the tongue

Let them say that I walked

in fair nature's light

And that I was loyal

to truth and to right

Serve God and meet your full

Look upward beyond

Beyond the darkness that masks

the surprises of dawn

In the deep green grasses

and the blood stained woods

They never dreamed of surrendering

They fell where they stood

Stars fell over Alabama

And I saw each star

You're walking in dreams

Whoever you are

Chilled as the skies

Keen as the frost

And the ground's froze hard

And the morning is lost

A letter to mother

came today

Gunshot wound to the breast

is what it did say

But he'll be better soon

He's in a hospital bed

But he'll never be better

He's already dead

I'm ten miles outside the city

And I'm lifted away

In an ancient light

That is not of day

They were calm they were gloomed

We knew them all too well

We loved eachother more than

we ever dared to tell

This is why I have no doubt in my mind that the worst has happened. Also why I get SO PISSED every time some "interview" happens (that is obvious bullshit) that is supposed to make us feel better/think that he is okay. Everytime I re-read these messages/those lyrics I cry like a little bitch, but then get into full fledged warrior mode. Like Braveheart or some shit. Again, fuck those motherfuckers.

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Amazing post got buried: HUGE list Govt officials recently accused of pedo sex crimes! submitted by waxdino to pizzagate

isthisreality 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

i had the sources last night but was tipsy when i posted this and apparently very unorganized, i tried to find them but i guess i closed out of all my tabs that were open last night. i will try to go thru and see if i can find in my history

ANTARCTICA. Please see; this isn't dis-info or shill-ey submitted by keepthefaith to pizzagate

isthisreality 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

check out the google earth/pro images of antarctica- looks like pyramids everywhere. i only know because i asked the same question a couple days ago and had to of course research the shit out of it. no answers, though. just found pyramids. lol