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Good I hate people who defend a religion of warmongers by likestodrawnaked in IslamUnveiled

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I thought it was near perfect. It was coherent throughout, worked off a unique theme, and for me opened my eyes to a new facet of looking the situation.

Good I hate people who defend a religion of warmongers by likestodrawnaked in IslamUnveiled

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Good rant. I thought it was going to go a little light for a Voat post, but flowed well and followed an atypical line of thought. I liked it.

Denver Colorado Decriminalizes Public Defecation To Ease Life For Illegal Immigrants by dinker in TheDonald

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Sweet. Next time in denver, I should take a big dump on the city hall steps.

Don't tell you mother. by Professor_de_la_Paz in ShitDadSays

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OK, I may have said this one a few times, but in my defense, it was right before doing something ridiculously fun.

So the most interesting thing about Justin Trudeau is his socks ? WTF Canada ? by parnellsUprising in whatever

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He is just showing off his child raping socks to the other rapists.

Voat is for........ by ExpertShitposter in AskVoat

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Saying whatever the fuck you want to say.

ISLAM Must be Destroyed... Mosques Burned, Korans Shredded. Muhammadites Killed Before They Kill Us. FUCK ALLAH. by 8_billion_eaters in TellVoat

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I have been thinking on this. Genocide justifiably should be discussed when dealing with a dysfunctional system like Islam, and their (((enablers))), but I just do not see it ever getting enough momentum before it is too late. What I would suggest is resegregation. There is no reason anymore in this age of global goods transportation for anyone to leave their home country. If your government is oppressive it is up to you to fix that. On that front, I would say that we can start making this happen. Push back to push the invaders to their home countries, move all of (((them))) to their promised land, and move the disgruntled and the freeloaders back to their ancestral lands. If we can reconstitute this homogeneous culture we keep talking about and let them keep their culture where it no longer burdens us. Each culture can flourish on its own merits in its own land or die by its own dysfunction and inability to deal with its neighbors. Think about it. Would you really give a shit about the Jews if they were alone in Palestine and dealing with their own problems their own way? If we could pull all of them out of our society and places of power and put them there, the problem is solved. Then we can clean out the remnants of all of the other problem cultures and deport them where they can try and be happy on their own.

A percentage of Muslims are always going to be pro terrorism. Our only two choices are to get used to terrorists killing our children or we can outlaw Islam in our countries. by foreverlight in Showerthoughts

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If it was just a religion I would agree. But Islam is a complete government, social and religious system. Until they come up with reformed islam where they throw out half of their holy books that define government, law, and genocide; they should not be afforded the protections of religion under any state's constitution.

Subs like this one are what is needed to save America. Not hate subs. by DonkeyOatey in TraditionalWives

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Maybe we need a little of both. If you do not give people a reason to avoid bad things they can wander into trouble because of ignorance. If you purposely hold back information because of your aversion for offending then you and your sensibilities are complicit in their harm.

Accused of mansplaining by chick I'm dating... by L_Etranger in AskVoat

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This is the answer. Do not look back just run. The risk from someone who believes that shit is way to high for fucking up the rest of your life. To her you are not human you are all the embodiments of male hate she has been consuming.

Who do you think will be the next Goat to snap and go full SaneGoat on us? by Morbo in AskVoat

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Sanegoat did not snap. He was always subversive(s) and was intending to harm Voat.

The Big One is going to happen, no matter how much you want to deny it, California scientists say by Professor_de_la_Paz in USNews

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Please hold off long enough for jerry to drive the last of the Americans out of california.

Can we all agree that 'anonymous sources' basically means 'I made this shit up' ? by JunOS in whatever

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More like DNC, CIA, or Media Matters made it up.

Report: Obama NSA Illegally Spied On Americans For Years by individualin1984 in politicalnews

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So can we hang them both?

Im Sick And Tired Of You Guys: GOP Candidate Allegedly Punches And Choke Slams Reporter by individualin1984 in politicalnews

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Are you telling me a reporter from the guardian would give false information? Hold on let me get my shocked face worked up here. I am shocked I tell you... Shocked.

BikeLockFag has finally been arrested. by Victimless_Crime in TheDonald

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teaching an “introduction to philosophy with a background in teaching ethics, critical thinking, and comparative philosophy East/West” with “primary research interests” of ethics and politics.

Ya, I dont think ethics and critical thinking are his strong points.

Here are 12 documented crimes committed by Hillary Clinton by individualin1984 in politics

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Really? That twat has mass graves in her closet. There has never been a candidate at the federal level that has participated in so much blatant criminality.

FISA Court Finds "Serious Fourth Amendment Issue" In Obama's "Widespread" Illegal Searches Of American Citizens | Zero Hedge by principle in WorldToday

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I think we are about at the level of capital crimes against the US citizens.

Not Calm, Not Carrying on: Britain Deploys Military, Closes Parliament, Cancels Changing of Guard by Schmorganumb in news

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Ya, You fucking take it seriously when it is the elites that are threatened.

What , in your opinion, is the point of having a government? by Ioxvm in AskVoat

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The only purpose of the government should be in the prevention of any group (including itself) from overpowering and individual.

Have we found Seth Rich's VOAT account yet? by QMX9wVrXqD in TheDonald

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I do remember quite a few pro Bernie and anti Hillary back then. I engaged a couple of them simply because I alway hated that criminal bitch and encouraged anyone that fought against her. I have a vague recollection of someone with panda in their name. It was very simple like pandaguy or something like that.

This quote from Gulag Archipelago really got me by synthesizerToady in whatever

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I have heard of this book a couple of times now and have not read it yet. I think it is time to pick it up. Thanks for the quote that definitely hit like a sledgehammer.

I just want to remind everyone that when we invade North Korea, the North Koreans will not treat us as liberators, they will not surrender, they will fight to the death and resist any occupation by FuckTheVirileAether in whatever

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Well, I would say what you posted might be correct if their leader didn't threaten conventional and now nuclear war on a regular basis in order to get money to run his government. No, it is not a response to any aggressive actions, they have been doing the shakedown on a regular basis to help fund their dysfunctional communism. That being said, if he allowed those that don't buy into his system to leave if they wanted, I would not have any issues with even opening up free trade with them. As of now, they are an oppressive regime and violate human rights on a regular basis. Ya, I know we do it too, but not in any way to the extent that they do. We can turn a blind eye if we want but do not delude ourselves for a second that it is not going on.

So what should we do? I would actually be partial with you and say we should do nothing. The cost of war now is far greater than the saving of the lives under oppression there. Regardless I do not believe that he would remain passive if South Korea were left to fend for themselves.