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Exclusive: Trump's first dance as president will be to Sinatra's 'My Way' by individualin1984 in TheDonald

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OK, i am curious. Do you have more background information on this phenomenon?

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders by individualin1984 in politicalnews

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I am actually OK with two senate terms and up to 6 terms for house members. I just do not want to ever see another career house or senate member like what we have now.

Trump To Immediately Sign As Many As 200 Executive Orders by individualin1984 in politicalnews

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I approve of this plan. This would be my list, but execution may not be so simple. Unfortunately he is going down the route of picking and choosing on the executive orders. Some of the other stuff would require new laws and / or constitutional amendments.

Somebody better warn the #HellsAngels. These people mean business.... by tebqoter in whatever

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Um, The guy with red star shirt ... That is a sarcastic costume right? I am looking at that and I am stuck in Poe's law here.

Do you physically cover your computer's web cam? by DietCokehead1 in AskVoat

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I put a piece of scotch tape over it so I can tease them with what they are missing out on.

the windmill is keeping the flowers cool by HWY__395 in pics

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Wind turbine there is no grain being milled.

Man tries to light self on fire outside DC Trump hotel by individualin1984 in politicalnews

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I wonder if 4chan could make this a thing.

What's the straight dope on Voat? by merlinfire in AskVoat

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God I love you guys.(no fag) I feel a little bad with this poor guy accidentally turn on the fire hose, but this thread is pure gold.

Prophet Muhammad Pig by TheENDIsFuckingNeigh in DrawMohammad

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I like this one. I was thinking of something along the same lines, with the addition of a fountain pen with a tube coming from the pig's ass.

Would you ever be a stay-at-home-husband? by SOULESS in AskVoat

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I would say that the mothers, on average, do a better job from 0 - 4 years then a transition where both are close to equal from 4 - 12 then the father transitions to better at 12+. It just seems the more intellectual strength my kids get, the more I am the one who needs to be the parental interface with them. The whole teenage daughter and mother dynamic is such an emotional clusterfuck...

If a dude dressed up as uncle sam burst into your bedroom, would it be unpatriotic to refuse to give him a rusty trombone? by highly_paid_orgy_pro in AskVoat

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Heh, Learned a new term today. I will see if I can use it in one of my meetings.

Salmon with large tapeworms arrive in the U.S. by Some_Guy_from_RI in nature

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mmm, time for some salmon nigiri.

Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year by bdmthrfkr in technology

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Oh no. I have been promised a flying fucking car for 40 years. I am not falling for it again.

World's eight richest people have same wealth as poorest 50% by burtzev in Socialism

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That would be the 0.0000001%

What instance made you decide to become a voater? by niggerzdid911 in AskVoat

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I was on reddit for a couple of years. I never really liked the hard left lean of it, but it had a decent level of entertaining content so I kept at it. Then the FPH ban happened and I became aware of Voat. I wandered over and I never looked back.

I'm gonna kick this car on my Motorcycle by Flying_Mouse in WhatCouldGoWrong

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Time for white car to get out, point, and laugh.

Were HOAs originally a well-executed idea, or have they always been neofascists? by HorseIsDead in AskVoat

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An HOA was and always will be a deal breaker for me. Back when I was looking my first instruction was no HOA properties. I didn't even want to waste my time.

The Minority by DietCokehead1 in SJWHate

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Islam is a religion and a political system, but it is not an ethnicity...

"Science is embarrassingly white. That's a huge problem." by eec in whatever

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I should have became a pimp...

Amy Schumer by DrinkYourNailPolish in AskMen

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Sorry I didnt answer your question. For myself it is grace and self respect. Significant inteligence is also strongly desired. You can get away with not perfect looks with a strong showing of these traits. After that some common interests are a great help.