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Our birthright. by Empress in whatever

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When I was a child, I was shown a future with moon bases. Where are they? Fucking leftists have to destroy everything....

Can you be considered trad if you don't want to get married? by skittlesforhair in TraditionalWives

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Traditional spinster?

My 14 year old kid brother just drew this. What does Voat make of it? by CantWaitToGetAPizzaU in politics

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It is time to beat the faggot out of him.

7 Tips for Keeping Your Man (from the 1950s) by frankenmine in TraditionalWives

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Sexual Vampire

I always just called her a succubus. ... so, so tired.

Infrared signals in surveillance cameras let malware jump network air gaps by VoatIsForTimmy in technology

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That data transfer rate must be ridiculously slow.

Any goats have general tips for starting your own business? by The-Dude-Abides in AskVoat

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If you partner with someone make sure you spend more time vetting them than you would your wife. You end up spending more time with them and no sex to smooth over the issues, and they can fuck up your finances as much as any woman.

What if you make a suicide attempt that is only half successful? And you permanently impair your quality of life? Or you end up comatose/on life support, with your family footing the bills? Then what? by i-am-me in SelfHelpForABetterMe

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I knew a guy like this. Tried to shoot himself. Ended up wheelchair bound and needing a helper to get through every day. He did not live a very happy existence. Remember kids, guns are not 100% and even if they are succesful someone has to clean up your nasty mess. Also chances are you are going to scarr the shit out of whoever finds you.

Alligators bite by thedirtypuma in gifs

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Well, at least our stupidity leaves really cool scarrs.

If you could vote in a referendum that proposed banning Islamic practices and Muslims from your country, would you vote ban? by Bill_Murrays_Sandals in politics

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There is no part of Islam that is compatible with the west. They always have been and always will be the enemy of civilization.

When you think there's a glass window by gramman74 in funny

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Funny how his brain would not give up on the idea that it should be solid, and kept trying to make contact.

Firefighters rescue huge runaway pig trapped in sewer by usman334 in news

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Did they get her back to her womyns studies class?

Make way!! We're hauling ass!! by Javik2186 in funny

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"Your Mom" delivery is on its way.

Can't one of you computer nerds bring Tay back? by 13osiris13 in Tay

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I wondered if someone could get their hands on some of the distributed computing code and generate the AI using people's opt-in bandwidth and spare processing power to recreate her. Or they could do it in malware code so she is harder to kill.

Elders of voat I call upon you for guidance by NiggerBitch69 in whatever

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In addition to other things listed here. Learn how to detect personality disorders and sociopathy. Identify those in your life and remove. There is no reforming, counseling, therapy, begging, hoping, tolerating, that will fix this kind of dysfunction. It will only serve to tear you down until it is removed. This is particularly important in any life partners.

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley (no human set foot on the field between planting and harves - everything was done by robots) by rwbj in technology

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Yes, but that drives me crazy, when I seems obvious where this should go.

Autonomous Robots Plant, Tend, and Harvest Entire Crop of Barley (no human set foot on the field between planting and harves - everything was done by robots) by rwbj in technology

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I love the idea of this, but they are still stuck on one robot replacing the farmer in the driver's seat. Untill they embrace a new dynamic that robots can bring, this research will only crawl along. The future of automated farming is in many smaller task designed robots not in automated old school farm equipment. They would be much better served grabbing a bunch of farmers and talking through better ways of doing things if today's farm equipment never existed.

'Variable Speed Limits' allow police to change speed limits on a whim by Runaway-White-Slave in news

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It is very difficult to make spread out systems like this resilient to physical attack.

Rods from God? by individualin1984 in WarFollowing

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I think these were also in one of the Call of Duty games.

This Instagram Model Has The Most Amazing Eyebrows by Kannibal in whatever

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Neanderthal brows. So hot right now.

Blade Runner is set in 2019. This is Beijing today. by gabara in pics

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The borg mind is synchronizing.

Circuit Diagram OF electronic ON Delay Timer by faraz325 in electronics

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Curious circuit. I would not recommend this for a new design due to that triac (2N5444) not being the best choice for a power switching device particularly for a 12 V DC supply. It is also a very old part and therefore very hard to obtain. The other confusing part is that the flyback diode is rated for only 1 amp. Depending on the inductance of the coil, you are probably going to pop that diode even with the 30 amp surge rating, or you are way over designing on the power switch size.

Face-reading AI will be able to detect your politics and IQ, professor says by Thisismyvoatusername in technology

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Honestly, Just about everyone here that has had more than 30 years on this earth could probably do this with over 70% accuracy. Granted we are definitely on the higher than average side of intelligence and judgment.

I make it a habit to spend time noting the characteristics of people that impress me in the positive or negative sense.

Blade Runner is set in 2019. This is Beijing today. by gabara in pics

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Ok, I will give you that sex robots are almost here, but where are the fucking flying cars?