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Cleaning Up One Room by PuttItOut in announcements

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Thank you for listening. I felt some times i was a voice in the wilderness on sanegoat.

Have you started trusting the polls again? Havent you learned? by PepePupil1 in AskVoat

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I have learned my lesson on polls. Hot wings on the other hand I have not yet learned.

Question. Are we all gonna make it? by ExpertShitposter in SelfHelpForABetterMe

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Just make it through the day. Leave tomorrows problems for the tomorrow you.

Japanese politicians want the ability to bomb North Korea before getting hit first by individualin1984 in Worldnews

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Agreed. The whole China Japan thing is still brewing in the background. I do agree that they need to be able to defend themselves.

It would be nice if everyone could let go of WW2.

List of Top 50 Lies From "Fake News" CNN Over The Past Few Years by trueblue41 in politics

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In spite of the clickbait of the title, that was a surprisingly solid article. Hard to squeeze in all the details, but it is a good reference article for when you are trying to remember all the shit CNN does.

Quinn's Call to Action for the Men of Antifa by individualin1984 in mildlyamusing

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I have to give you an upvoat for that reference.

What is something the mainstream media doesn't want me to know? by pacman2000 in askgoat

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How to take care of yourself.

Voat, why do you fall for obviously fake headlines? by mamwad in AskVoat

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Mamwad why are you baiting? I expect better from you.

I wont buy the whole pig ... by ooli in funny

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Well that falls under the classic three F's.

Former Penn State president Graham Spanier convicted of child endangerment by Maxcactus in USNews

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Fucking slap on the wrist. That son if a bitch should be in a cell next to sandusky.

"Day Without Women" Leader Convicted of Terrorism -- Stripped of Citizenship, Deported by JuiceTown in JuiceTown

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Can we drop her off at the shore and make her swim back to palistine?

This entire fucking account by shadow332 in SJWHate

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That needs to be in WTF. I was not properly prepared for what I saw.

German candymaker Haribo to build plant in Wisconsin by individualin1984 in news

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Datamining r/The_Donald and seeing what comes up by Kannibal in politics

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Oh god, I read through that whole thing hoping for something insightful. In addition to what you said. The flawed assumption that poster ID is the best link mechanism is severely flawed in determining his conclusions. It would be interesting analysis if the reddit data set was not so corrupted by their shenanigans. I would say an analysis of terms and text snippets would be harder but would bring more meaningful correlations.

From the rest of the article it was clear he had an agenda he intended to push and was using this flawed method as a specious tool to try and prove it.

Cosmo: Men Are Sexist If They Enjoy Giving Their Female Partner Sexual Pleasure by ShaneTO in Feminism

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Not the first time I have been called sexist.

Red Alert: The FBI Is Now Investigating The Alternative Media For Exposing Hillary Clinton by sand_mann in news

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OK, Alternative news needs to start suing and outing who is pushing this. We need names and we need them removed for violations of the constitution.

News Sources & trust levels. by DocDoom in AskVoat

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For Turkish and Islam here is a list. They are biased obviously, but they will tell the story others will not.

I have a bunch of others, but their emphasis is more on American politics.

These are more unbiased, but will also shy away from controversial topics.

Oh and do not use google they have been screwing with their algorithm to push an agenda.

YPJ soldier playing with puppies by mamwad in pics

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Is there anyone else bothered by how close she is to jamming the end of her barrel into the dirt?

I made these. by Artofchoke in mildlyinteresting

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I would love to watch a compressed video of you making these. They are very soothing to look at.

Very confused about all this by AREYOUFUCKINGSORRY in funny

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Please note that SRS is my speculation. I have not completely closed the loop on that part.

FBI have uncovered 'evidence of treason' among alt-right websites, says George W Bush's ethics lawyer by savageslav in news

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Funny how we have uncovered treason by the FBI. Doctor heal thyself.

Whistleblower with '47 hard drives and 600 million pages of information' reveals Obama's administration carried out illegal surveillance on Donald Trump and other Americans. by Mark_Jones1234 in 1984

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Where has this sub been all my voat life? Good post. I think I may have found a new favorite sub.

@SaneGoatISwear calling for mass exodus from Voat is counterproductive to Voats growth and sustainability. by beatlejuiceX3 in ProtectVoat

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I am not ready to say it is the same individual person, but I will say it is the same entity. The writing styles and subtle regional differences indicate more than one individual or one individual that is rather good at putting on and maintaining a persona.

@SaneGoatISwear calling for mass exodus from Voat is counterproductive to Voats growth and sustainability. by beatlejuiceX3 in ProtectVoat

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You are not wrong. He has very specific processes that he uses. There were very specific goals that he worked towards. This was a process or plan that was created before he started his account. Granted it was a very good plan and I am ashamed to admit it fooled me for a very long time.

Very confused about all this by AREYOUFUCKINGSORRY in funny

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I sat on that same fence for a long time and just watched. Then i saw his processes and the reasons behind. To ensure myself, i did a few experimental probes of him and confirmed at least in my mind what i was observing. I have zero doubt that he is an operative against Voat. Granted he or whomever came up with his processes are quite ingenious and I was fooled for an embarrassingly long time.