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Ellen Pao's Reddit faces backlash as users flee to rival Voat - Computer Business Review , submitted: 6/16/2015 5:28:25 PM, 429 points (+433|-4)

Let this sink in..., submitted: 12/9/2015 1:45:38 PM, 277 points (+295|-18)

We're not installing Windows 10, and are excluding updates that include CEIP and Telemetry, submitted: 8/24/2015 11:26:24 PM, 267 points (+282|-15)

University of Missouri projecting $20-million loss due to down enrollment, submitted: 2/19/2016 1:20:58 PM, 232 points (+232|-0)

The Dems are losing their base, and here's why, submitted: 2/2/2017 3:06:15 PM, 217 points (+221|-4)

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ELI5: With illegal immigrants back in the news suing the state of Oregon for not giving them drivers licenses, please explain to me why illegals aren't arrested on the spot when applying for one. submitted by KingofKong to ELI5

ilovepussy 5 points 103 points (+108|-5) ago

And why the fuck are they allowed to sue anybody. They have no rights here if they are here illegally.

SJWs want to end cyberbullying by making an online database to use for real life bullying submitted by BritMilRep to technology

ilovepussy 0 points 96 points (+96|-0) ago

Couldn't this kickstarter campaign be reported as bullying? According to their Terms of Use it clearly states:

"Don’t victimize anyone. Don’t do anything threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, libelous, tortious, obscene, profane, or invasive of another person’s privacy."

This is in direct violation of these terms.

UPDATE: The kickstarter campaign has now been suspended - Awesome job voaters!

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Las Vegas negro woman targeted a blonde, White woman with her car and killed her because she hated White women. This is not reported to you because it makes you "uncomfortable". submitted by 8_billion_eaters to news

ilovepussy 17 points -10 points (+7|-17) ago

This is not news - this is opinion - @AmyAcker - can we please invoke rule #2

Edit: Well, I guess I was wrong. Happens to the best of us. Carry on.

<and that's how voting should work>

deleted by user submitted by cxjhv to news

ilovepussy 11 points -8 points (+3|-11) ago

Wonder how much GMC paid for that?

I have to whipe my ass so many times before there's no residual poo left that I'm convinced the average person doesn't wipe properly and has a poopy bumhole 24/7 submitted by MarxistObama to ProtectVoat

ilovepussy 5 points -5 points (+0|-5) ago

Wet Wipes dude. If you had shit on your arm, would you use a piece of paper, or would you use a wet wipe. Cottonelle make the best ones, and their biodegradable.