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we've ruffled some major illumati Kikes. (((Councel or Foreign Relations))) Has assembled a task force of it's top jews to take on 4chan and the alt media submitted by vonbacon to whatever

illuminalto2 0 points 51 points (+51|-0) ago

This is sooooo hard to watch.

I'm at 40 minute mark, and they are just cementing vague repeated rhetoric about russia and their disinfo. The one jew on the right says that the disinfo is bubbling up on his grandma's facebook feed - Oy Vey!

~45 minutes: the fat one is literally being the morality police. Saying that "we've done a lot of work" in getting "cross platform" social media cooperation because TOS might say offensive content on youtube might not be objectionable on other social media platorms....

Most of the discussion is focused on "Russian Trolls" how its dangerous that stupid americans believe social media lies - **this is a video the CFR openly discussing how they're going to establish wrong-think and censorship ie, destroying free speech.

The fat one goes on to say:

"What happened in Charlottesville is still going on every day for people" (sigh)


"There are white supremacists on twitter and facebook who threaten to show up at any time" (~48mins)


So they are all on stage to say that a lot of information on social media is from "Russian Trolls". But in the same breath they are saying that "the skinheads on social media in charlottesville are threatening people" - but those can't be troll accounts?

How is it that only the accounts you want to be troll accounts are troll accounts?

Also, what is this woman's definition of "White Supremacists"? Could it be to her that white-supremacists are people who are on the right wing? Or does white supremacist mean people who browse 4chan?

Or does white supremacist mean a person who won't recognize fantasy pronouns.

Are these people in the CFR? Because the CFR controls a lot of law-making and foreign policy/UN bullshit behind the scenes using "policy".

This has to stop.

Account Deleted By User submitted by migratorypatterns to pizzagate

illuminalto2 1 points 17 points (+18|-1) ago


Singer MIA is a piece of shit globalist actor. She is not on the side of any human beings.

Singer MIA uses reddit AMA's to push new albums where she barely answers anybody's questions, much less the pertinent questions about poverty and the pillaging of the third world. The answers she does give, she sounds like a fucking valley girl - no thought or care put into responses.

She is more concerned with photo shoots and getting press while taking up junior level conspiracies and masquerading as a woke individual.

She got famous being married to a globalist - she is a paid-for pop culture experiment and most likely controlled op.

You'll find more photo shoots of her than you will outreach missions/charity.

For fucks sake she was brought to the superbowl by kaballah loving madonna.

Come on guyyyyyss.

And what happened to anybody questioning assange? He stopped putting out the PGP codes, there is OBVIOUS FAKE DOCTORED FOOTAGE OF HIM THAT MAKES HIM LOOK LIKE A BAD PIXAR CHARACTER.


Why are you not questioning this?

Her major hit song got 12 and 13 year old girls to sing along "All I wanna do is take your money" and soft-sell them down the line into degenerate hip-hop. There is no message to that song - oh sure, it's all tongue in cheek and we're supposed to read through the lines? Yeah, way to go dropping truth bombs MIA. You're doing justice for the human race

"Nobody on the block got rock like us, hit me on the prepaid cell wireless"

This is your hero on a white horse? She's getting 12 year old girls to sing about having the best crack cocaine on your street! What the actual fuck?

Plus then so many major motion pictures used that song to push their movies - because it's cute and fun! Hollywood loves her - think about it people. Hollywood permitted her music to be thrown on all sorts of movies. Do you think Hollywood would really push an artist that is trying to shake up their power structure or expose actual crimes against humanity? No! They want your ass asleep!

She isn't fucking helping anyone - she's shooting fucking birds at the superbowl halftime with no real message other than "fuck america".

Fuck you MIA.

Go ahead and downvoat and shit on me if you have to, I'm doing a job nobody wants to do - being a realist and shitting on fairy tales.

Nobody wants to hear santa isn't real, but for the 10th time I'll say it: No pop culture actors are ever going to save us from plutocracy, big brother, and the intel agencies. It's a fucking show people, you're watching a carefully programmed show.

MIA is reddit hero - let that sink in folks.

Sure, Slate. Sure. submitted by DietCokehead1 to whatever

illuminalto2 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago

Not sure if joke but the onion was purchased by liberals a while back and started posting actual double-think disguised as leftist humor - which is in an of itself a joke.

They started shilling for hillary.

I know I'm being that stick in the mud right now, but had to share what I saw on voat.

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Account Deleted By User submitted by RKG to whatever

illuminalto2 1 points -1 points (+0|-1) ago

But even his supporters don't get it. Look at r/Donald.

r/Donald is on reddit, the cesspool of the internet - rife with cia, nsa, antifa, ctr, [deleted], jet fuel memes, and safespaces. It's also bought and paid for with fucking federal reserve cash to brainwash people with propaganda.

So what the fuck are you even talking about? All your dreams are broken because fucking larpers on reddit make you sad?

Everyone in here is coddling your ass you fucking pussy. Fuck you. Go back to reddit and browse cat videos.

You're so focused on yesterday and almost now, but the now a few seconds ago. You're not living in the real now or projecting any kind of positive future you flopping fish.

@gabara its time for you to clock off your weren't approved for overtime submitted by Reddit_traitor to whatever

illuminalto2 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago

Does this mean I can't like his posts? :(