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Cut it! CNN ends broadcast when guest mentions clinton's sexual abuse victims submitted by OhBlindOne to politics

illumicunti 0 points 6 points (+6|-0) ago

people really don't understand this enough...until the masses accept it, getting to the truth is very much an up hill battle

Bernie Sanders Says Police, Not Colleges, Should Handle Rape submitted by OhBlindOne to politics

illumicunti 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago

getting real fuckin tired of shit cunts like you just generalising SJWs as, you know, anybody with an opinion that isn't racist/bigotted or downright simplistic and 'mericanized.

How the Rothschilds rule USA submitted by HenryDavidThoreau to videos

illumicunti 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago

not really. I think you're both forgetting the lineage that these families have. you just believe that their wealth has just trickled down and trickled away to their descendants...? come on. who knows how much undocumented wealth there is in the world. not just the kind that can be built in a whole families' generation let alone an individual's lifetime

3 lowest rated comments:

Bernie Sanders Bashes Uber, Uses It For All His Taxi Rides submitted by FreeSpeachRocks to politics

illumicunti 13 points -12 points (+1|-13) ago

lol wow you fuckers choose some weird shit to be 'outraged' by, hahhahah fuck me.

SJW gets owned by Trump supporter submitted by SpicyChickenJ to politics

illumicunti 10 points -8 points (+2|-10) ago

lol nah fuck this, you need to be corrected you hick fuck.

More like this old cunt has seem some shit i.e. enemies - but why? because he and other old hillybillly fucks after being propagated by old RICH fucks, created shitstorms continuously since WW2 in international, autonomous regions that as a result are no longer autonomous and contribute copious amounts of trouble in the world.

That young generation kid has to now deal with and fix this shit, because of said old cunts who ignorantly, inhumanely and neglectfully fucked up the world with this profit driven 'fuck everyone else but me' mentality.

So seriously fuck you and anyone that thinks an old cunt yelling and repeating himself like a hick old cunt is 'owning' someone. fuck me. while Reddit is dumb, this place is just fucking ridiculous.

There's a subreddit dedicated to mocking people concerned about the European immigration crisis. submitted by scrotums to MeanwhileOnReddit

illumicunti 8 points -7 points (+1|-8) ago

I wonder how many of you idiotic fuckers don't realise your own governments are the root cause of this problem in the first place.