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I was just at Costco and..., submitted: 5/8/2018 2:59:51 AM, 120 points (+121|-1)

Stumbled across a short, highly detailed shitlord comic, submitted: 1/12/2019 8:32:08 PM, 69 points (+77|-8)

This guy makes money off fat people, submitted: 2/13/2018 6:47:47 AM, 44 points (+44|-0)

Woman on Dr. Phil eats 30k calories a day + delusional semi-thin sister, submitted: 3/4/2018 7:32:33 PM, 33 points (+33|-0)

Even dogs can be shitlords!, submitted: 9/25/2018 6:17:53 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

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Anyone else browse r/watchpeopledie for fat people?, submitted: 1/5/2019 9:27:03 PM, -1 points (+5|-6)

What's your opinion on fictional fats in animation?, submitted: 2/22/2018 5:43:13 PM, 17 points (+18|-1)

Fat retarded piece of shit poured drain cleaner on her eyes on purpose, submitted: 7/27/2018 6:33:06 PM, 17 points (+18|-1)

US obesity rates at all time high, continuing to rise, submitted: 3/24/2018 12:17:42 AM, 19 points (+19|-0)

Even dogs can be shitlords!, submitted: 9/25/2018 6:17:53 PM, 23 points (+23|-0)

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You are what you eat. submitted by Nymphios to fatpeoplehate

ilikefish 0 points 50 points (+50|-0) ago

It took me a disturbingly long time to realize the ice cream cone was empty.

"No but, what if you like got fat?" submitted by fabulousalpaca to fatpeoplehate

ilikefish 0 points 39 points (+39|-0) ago

Fat patients should be forced to fast while in the hospital. I guarantee you whatever ails them will improve if this is enacted.

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Ham hunter submitted by Sprintal to fatpeoplehate

ilikefish 18 points -18 points (+0|-18) ago

As far as fats go she's quite fuckable in that costume.

White thin women are not the only people with eating disorders. submitted by Bunnydesucomix to fatpeoplehate

ilikefish 9 points -8 points (+1|-9) ago

Eating disorders don't exist, only lack of willpower and lack of responsibility. (To clarify I'm referring to overeating disorders. This IS fat hate is it not?)

If you think overeating disorders exist then you're siding with the fats who all claim they have overeating disorders and that it's thus not their fault.

4 *years* plus weightloss surgery, down from 425 to 325, and left with a permanent fanny pack of skin submitted by Twentyonepointthree to fatpeoplehate

ilikefish 6 points -6 points (+0|-6) ago

Loose skin isn't permanent if you know how to get rid of them naturally. Stretch marks though from years of being fat are permanent.